If Not For You

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If Not For You

Max Lerner is a smart, rich workaholic and no ones messes with him or his business. The thing is though it has been a couple days now of strange calls, threats to his new business deal they also now brought in a complete stranger to this mess. Her name is Layla Whitford, a woman so opposite from him it is a question to him why the people sending these threats think him and Layla are an item. She is everything he never looks for in a woman. She is older, voracious in work, open-minded and yes beautiful but still older than him. All of his relationships have been with perky twenty-something blondes not over the hill women like Layla. Yet the strangers behind all this mess think they are together which in a way is funny because maybe in another time Max would have gone with her. Now that he knows someone wants Layla he tries everything he can to make sure she survives. He is not sure when it happened but somehow Layla has come to mean something to him. Can he find out who the strangers are that want this new business deal done with before it is too late? What exactly is Layla's part in this whole deal?

Layla Whitford has been married one time and divorced. She has vowed to never let her heart get in the way. This is hard when it comes in a body so delicious to her and a head with gorgeous graying hair like Max Lerner. He is everything opposite of what she looks for in a man. He is more of a suit guy and she is more of a jeans girl. No way would they be good with each other. However, some people think they are hot and heavy sending threats her way. Layla is not sure who it is but something tells her that Max is coming to mean a lot to her. Can she trust in men again when her only friends have been her Tommy Tungsten palm pilot and her pets?

This is a first I have read from JL Wilson and won't be the last. It was interesting to see a woman who is not your average age in heroine but one who has been married and given up on love. For Layla it comes so hard to believe that love is a possibility in her life once again. I so loved Max, for even though he is an older man he still has insecurities about getting old. One big one is the attraction he feels for Layla and the feeling of love for the first time is scaring him. It was hilarious in a way to see what he would do in finding love for the first time especially a woman his age. "Great book" to the author and can't wait for more of her books.

Book Blurb for If Not For You

Businessman Max Lerner had it all — until the threats started. Someone wants to sabotage his latest merger, and that someone has inexplicably thrown Layla Whitford into the fray. When Max meets Layla, she turns his world upside down. Suddenly, Max wants to forget about the merger, the threats…his bachelor lifestyle.

Layla has rebounded from a divorce and started over in the Twin Cities, testing software for a small computer company. When she receives a threatening letter, she gives it to the authorities. But the letter was meant for Max Lerner, an uptight Suit from Tieland who places business first.

When Layla is kidnapped, it isn't about business anymore. For Max, it's about the safety of this crazy woman he's fallen in love with. Now Max has to find Layla, shore up the merger and squash rumors of software piracy — all in a matter of hours.

If they can accomplish all that, surely Max and Layla can find a way for an ex-hippie and a business-driven CEO to find a happy-ever-after — can't they?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2008 4.00