I'll Do Anything

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I'll Do Anything

Cade Taylor has lusted over Julia Campbell for years. As a strict worker he follows his own rule to never date a fellow co-worker. The only problem is that Julia Campbell is not like any other co-worker. Every time he sees her all he wants is to be with her forever. Julia is smart, wise and definitely a good attorney like he is. One mistake he did years ago cost him not only his best friend but the only woman who got under his skin. He knows he should never have slept with her but her seductive looks and sexy voice undid him in one minute. Now he must do everything he can to prove to her that he is and always will be her only man. Can he do it?
Julia Campbell knows once the seduction was on she would pay a price years later. The price of course is remembering Cade’s every touch and kisses. Every minute away from him and a little reminder of him still breaks her heart. She knows it was wrong to seduce him but she has yearned for his passion for years. Now that she is about to make a name for herself as a respectable attorney she must decide whether to give Cade a second chance or lose him forever. Can she do it? Can she give him a second chance?
This is the first book that I’ve read by Chrystal Kincaid and I can say it was a real treat. I look forward to reading more by her. Chrystal Kincaid sure knows how to create one hot attorney in a character like Cade. Julia and Cade were great for one another and the way they overcome an obstacle was great. The tension is good between them and readers wonder exactly if their love ever faded or just sizzled more. Everyone will love this book and can’t wait for more of Chrystal Kincaid.

Book Blurb for I'll Do Anything

Cade Taylor, eat your heart out.

For years, Julia Campbell has lusted from afar after her girlhood crush, Cade Taylor. Now the shoe is on the other foot and Cade is limping along helplessly behind her size seven pumps.

Two successful attorneys arguing opposite sides of a high profile DUI manslaughter case, there's more than just a failed affair spirited debates. Between them lies four-year-old Laura with Cade's blue eyes and Julia's black curls. Cade will do anything to get them back -- even if it means losing the biggest case of his life.

Rating:  Intense

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2009 4.75