I Spy a Naughty Game

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I Spy a Naughty Game

SHADO Agency series, Book 2

Blaze Kelly is a Dom who treats his subs with the utmost affection and will never hurt them. He’s been a Dom for so many years but never felt pain like this before. He always thought Emma Foster would accept him in any way. As a Dom he has shielded his heart from falling for a woman real hard but somehow Emma got under his skin and heart. He thought Emma would understand his world but seeing the disgust in her face tore him apart. Now that they are working undercover for a case that hits home to his secret world he wants to show Emma everything. Blaze knows she would never understand his other world but seeing how the case is a big part of this it all matters. Seeing her reaction for the first time he knows she is a sub all the way and will do anything he can to prove to her how right they are for one another. Can he and Emma find Dietz the master mind of all evil before he kills another close to the Shado agency?

Emma Foster has no idea how a gorgeous, strong man like Blaze Kelly could be into the BDSM world. She’s read about the lifestyle and never understood why anybody would want to be part of this world. Yet leaving Blaze because of it was the most painful thing she has ever done. She will do anything for her job including trying to be part of this world but not all the way. Being with Blaze is all that matters but experiencing his world is something different for her. His touch, passion and his dominance over her is definitely something she wasn’t ready for yet it feels so right for her in every way. Knowing that Dietz has a weapon that could destroy the nation is all the incentive she needs to see this evil man dead for good. Can she and Blaze find him before it’s too late?

The Shado Agency is back and this time they tend to not let the bad guy get away again. At least with Blaze and Emma that is what they’re shooting for. Jo Davis shows us how a dominant man a man can be, yet also shows his vulnerability in every way. Emma Foster is definitely the woman for him in every way from being a perfect sub to the exact match in work for him. I loved that even though she never understood his world she was willing to learn for their love and her man. Great job to Jo and I can’t wait for more from this agency. Jo is creating guys that will make you squirm, melt and anxious to see how they love their women all the way. Great Job!

Book Blurb for I Spy a Naughty Game

A tantalizing tale of erotic suspense in which a mask slips-and everything is revealed...

Blaze Kelly, one of the Secret Homeland Defense Organization's top spies, is a powerful D/S master, and all raw male. Yet underneath his mask hides a wounded soul that aches for love. Emma Foster wears disguises too as part of her job for SHADO. But she's not excited about her next mission-with the man who broke her heart.

Together they must infiltrate a group that plans to transfer a weapon of mass destruction into enemy hands-a mission that involves them in an illicit sexual game. As they are forced to explore their most dangerous desires, they face a challenge that could break even the steeliest of spies...


Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2010 5.00