How to Propose to a Prince

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How to Propose to a Prince

Book III in the Royle Sisters Trilogy. Book I is How to Seduce a Duke and Book II is How to Engage an Earl.

The Royle sisters are back and it is the story of the youngest, Elizabeth. She is not your typical sister for every time she dreams of something it usually comes out true or half true. This time she has dreamed of her prince charming. Well not just any prince but Prince Leopold himself or so she thinks. All she knows is that she will see him one day and it will be either for a fitting of a tiara or for a dance. All she knows is that she doesn't want it to be a dream but to really be true this time. Her sisters think she is crazy for no way would a prince look her way. That changes when she goes to a jewelry shop one day and meets the Prince himself. He calls himself Sumner though something that Elizabeth doesn't question about. How could she for every time she is near the Prince he makes her heart flutter faster than a butterfly's wing and makes her yes swoon. Well swoon only because someone out there wants the Prince dead and won't stop until he's dead including almost killing Elizabeth. Talk about a dream turning into a nightmare.

Prince Leopold a.k.a. Sumner is distraught. He knows that it is his duty to always protect his cousin yet all he wants to do is be with Elizabeth Royle. Someone wants his cousin dead and he is unsure what he can do to make sure he stays alive. Another thing he has to do is keep his identity a secret longer than he thought from Elizabeth. When she reads that he is to marry Princess Charlotte he decides enough is enough. There was no way he can hurt the woman he loves like this. She is the first woman to ever tell him she loves him and this is something he was not letting go. He swore upon the king's crown to protect and to always do his duty in the name of his royal highness. However he is now realizing that Elizabeth is making him see that it is more than just duty for love is all that matters. Can he get Elizabeth to see that dreams are just that dreams and that real life is what matters the most.

This is the first book I have read by Kathryn Caskie. This is a historical romance about the Royle sisters. Though it is a series this can definitely be read alone. You have a Prince who has a secret of his own and a woman who has dreamed of nothing of marrying a prince. How can it go wrong? That is just half of the story in this enchanting tale. I loved that you have Princess Charlotte, who by all counts is a true princess when she doesn't get her way matchmaking and a young woman doing everything she can to prove to everyone that her dream is coming true. Kind of hard to do when every time she tries to explain to people she ends up either fainting or being shot at. Kathryn Caskie did a beautiful job in this next installment of the Royle sisters. Loved it and the whole historical background was very informative about the central characters in this book. Great job.

Book Blurb for How to Propose to a Prince

If the tiara fits, wear it! And that is exactly what Elizabeth Royle intends to do. After all, if you can't be acknowledged as the daughter of a prince, the least you can do is marry one. When Elizabeth Royle, youngest of the notorious Royle sisters, comes face-to-face with her future husband, a man she's seen only in her dreams, she nearly swoons--especially when she discovers he is a prince. But her ecstasy is short-lived as she quickly learns that the man she longs for is soon to be betrothed to someone else--a princess no less. A lesser woman would give up, but Elizabeth is a Royle, after all. Refusing to surrender her dreams of a royal wedding, Elizabeth takes the position of lady-in-waiting to the princess, determined to get close to her perfect match. But the lover she desires is not who he seems...and only once she discovers the true man behind the crown will she find the perfect love she's been longing for all her life.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2008 4.75