Hot Zone

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Hot Zone

Rating: Spicy

Jake Claypool has been burned once in his life. He has seen what one woman's selfishness has done to his heart and swore he would never fall in love again. As a pilot he knows how dangerous his work is and has seen many things. All the things he has seen never prepared him for feisty, spirited and sexy Fontana. Now here is a woman who is making his heart race faster than a 747 plane. He knows as a woman pilot it is hard to get respect especially from men like him. Yet at every turn Fontana pulls away especially from his charms. He has never met a woman before like her and is not sure what scares him the most. That she is really good at her work or that she is making him fall for her with one look.

Fontana has known men before like Jake Claypool. She has seen many in her line of work. Men like Jake who think she cannot tough it out like other workers in her job. One mission is all she needs to gain the ultimate respect she has worked for all her life. Her life as it is now is like a plane ride. There is chaos, turbulence and if she is lucky in the end a smooth landing. Yet working with Jake her life is still high up there and she is not sure she wants to land alone like she usually does but instead into his arms. Can she come out alive in this mission with Jake to find out if the attraction she feels for him is something more?

Jake and Fontana, two people who are so alike they are afraid to see it with open eyes. I loved that even though Jake was hurt in his past by a scornful woman, he still wonders about the attraction he feels towards Fontana. Now talk about a modern day G.I. Joe woman. She kicks ass, doesn't wallow in self-pity after being dumped and doesn't turn cowardly when people are shooting at her. I loved the whole action and the sexual attraction between these two. P.J. Womack is definitely an author I will be on the lookout for. She packs a book with sex, action and a whole lot of suspense that will have you wondering whether the characters will hook up or not.

Book Blurb for Hot Zone

A mission gone terribly wrong-Jake Claypool isn't the kind of guy any woman in her right mind would consider getting deeply involved with. He is just too much man! When their plane crashes in the jungle, however, Fontana and Claypool find they have to get along just enough to stop the

bad guys.

And just enough, unfortunately, leads to a whole lot more.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2007 4.75