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Hit Reply

All her life Jamie Knight had three goals to get her by in life. Find Mr. Right, get married and have kids all in that order. Yet life doesn’t seem to play fair for Jamie. Thinking she found Mr. Right she was ready to get married but Prince Charming turned into a toad. Going back to her hometown in Elm Creek was supposed to be a semi drowns in her sorrows vacation but someone wants her dead. She’s trying to figure out who wants her dead and at the same time trying to understand her attraction to her brother’s best friend, Cole Gammon. He is a gorgeous and sexy as sin police officer that is trying to protect her. Yet each time she thinks there’s something going on he shies away from her. Getting dumped by email she is not ready for a rebound guy but something about Cole makes her think he wants more than one night flings.
She is his best friend’s sister and untouchable. At least that is what he keeps telling himself but something about Jamie intrigues him. Cole has had many women but none have been like Jamie. He tries to stay away from her but someone wants her dead. Each time he stays away she gets sexier and more attractive. Cole wants her safe and in his arms every time yet Jamie sways him all the time. Can he convince Jamie that they belong together and his love for her is for real?
Okay I have to admit the cover pulled me and the first chapter got me hooked. Lara Stephens has a hit with this book for it’s full of passion, comedy and oh and so many unforgettable characters. I loved Cole Gammon and his take-charge attitude towards the whole ordeal Jamie is going through. Now Jamie is so fun to read about even though she just got dumped in a most embarrassing way she insists she doesn’t want love anymore. Yet it was fun to read how she comes to terms with Cole. Those two are great and Oma, the grandmother a hoot to read. Loved it and definitely highly recommended.

Book Blurb for Hit Reply

What could be more devastating than having your boyfriend break up with you unexpectedly? Breaking up with you via an email...which is inadvertently sent to all of your co-workers! Independent and outspoken Jamie Knight is a high school teacher beginning the summer break, and doing the one thing she swore she'd never do. She's returning to Elm Creek to lick her wounds and reclaim her dignity. From bailing her impetuous grandmother out of compromising situations at the local retirement center to receiving threats from someone who wants her out of town fast, life in Elm Creek keeps Jamie on her toes. Things really heat up when Officer Cole Gammon is charged with keeping an eye on Jamie, who is hell-bent on proving she doesn't need a man to take care of her. Can they sacrifice the lives they have made for themselves to be with the one they love?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2009 5.00