His Keeper

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His Keeper

Tina Bond has had a lot of heartache in her life. She lost her father at a young age and now she is on a mission to find out the real truth of his death. Tina is a good woman and the best as a kick-ass security guard. She has worked for HMS for years and can flip guys within a second. Which is something that author, Matt Lawson doesn’t like. As an author he is not known for being romantic but something about Tina makes him want to prove to her that he can be her hero. Not only does he need her to protect him but someone wants her dead as well. Being a witness in a high profile case is something he needs to concentrate on but Tina distracts him in a very good way. Matt knows he’s the man for her but something about her past pulls her away from him. Can he convince Tina that they can have a life together?

Matt Lawson is in a bind. He’s got a deadline coming up and has to face a trial. He didn’t commit murder or anything but has to be a witness to a trial. Along with that his agent a.k.a. sister-in-law is constantly on his back to finish his next book. Matt knows time is crucial but he never expected to meet a woman like Tina Bond. Though she may not be a James Bond girl she sure can fight like a guy and doesn’t quiver with fear. Each day with her he is realizing that he can’t spend another day without her in his life. As an author he knows how to make stories come true and wants more than ever to make Tina’s dreams come true. Can he keep them alive when he knows someone wants her dead?

Tina is definitely not like any heroine. She can kick butt without blinking an eye and can kiss like a passionate woman.

Matt can see the hidden passion inside her. These two are so opposite from each other yet they need one another so badly. Matt is all into work and in his stories…to the point that his live is passing him by. Tina is a woman who just wants to find out the truth about her father’s death. All in all, this book is one very suspenseful book filled with tons of action all the way to the end.

Betrayal, suspense and action are all in the book His Keeper by Brandy Jordan. This is one author who knows suspense and can hold the readers attention till the very end.

Book Blurb for His Keeper

Romantic Suspense Crimson Rose
Rating: Spicy
Page Count: 304
Tina Bond has found her dream job. But before she starts her new career, she has one last security assignment. She never imagined he would be the very man who'd intrigued and repulsed her the first time they'd met. Nor did she imagine the stakes would be much higher than simply keeping fans away - stakes that would bring her past full circle and shake the very fiber of her soul. Matt Lawson has one goal left - finish his latest book then set sail to where no one will demand more of him than he wants to give. The only thing standing in his way is a sexy bodyguard assigned to protect him from those who want him silenced - forever. Now he finds himself trying to protect her, while also attempting to shield his heart from a woman whose past could turn his world upside down.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2009 4.00