Hero for Hire

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Hero for Hire

Mackenzy Cord has found his true soul mate and will do everything he can to convince her they belong to one another. Ever since Savannah Carrington shared a peppermint stick with him he knew she was the one. The thing is that he feels he is not right for her because of his job. As a bounty hunter he has seen bad things in his life and now ready to settle. Savannah though is not ready to settle down. She wants to be independent and start a life of her own. She never imagined Mac would come for her when she needs help. Mac is her best friend and unsure why he keeps pretending to be her husband. Each time he does it makes Savannah dream about the possibility of actually being his wife for real. Running away to start a new life was her plan but never expected to have some stranger robbing her. She is determined to get her money back and won’t let an old delicious, gorgeous friend like Mac distract her from getting her mementos.
MacKenzy Cord is everything his name stands for like strong, courageous and one determined man. He has always wanted Savannah Carrington and will do anything he can to make her his. He wants to marry Savannah but she is accustomed to wealth but everything changes when he learns she has run away. Mac knows pretending to be her husband is dangerous especially when she starts asking for his kisses and wants more than just kisses each night. Can he survive another night in her bed without touching or kissing her?
Sheridon Smythe has done it again in this steamy and brilliant romance. I loved that Mackenzy Cord was a strong man and not some weak cowboy. Sheridon did a beautiful job in teasing the readers with the playfulness between these two. Each time I thought that this is it she brings in an obstacle that pulls them apart. I loved the comedy between these two from Mac’s strong willpower to not bed Savannah to her playful innocence in teasing Mac with her attempts toward seduction. This is one great book and she is definitely now on my got to read list.

Book Blurb for Hero for Hire

Bounty hunter Mackenzy Cord had known for a long time Savannah Carrington was the woman for him--he just had to convince her of that. When she flees her father to escape an arranged marriage, Mac gets an opportunity to finally let her know how he feels. Mr. Carrington hires him to bring his daughter home--wed or unwed. Savannah sets out to prove to her father she doesn't need to be married to be happy, but her plans backfire when she's framed for a bank robbery in Jamestown, New York. Thank God for her best friend, Mac, who comes to her rescue in the nick of time. But when she and Mac are forced to pretend to be married, Savannah soon realizes there is more to Mac than meets the eye!

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2009 4.00