Help Me Rhonda

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Help Me Rhonda

Kailey Hamilton in one word is smart. All her high school years have been spent on studies and babysitting. She loves the babysitting part because it brings her closer to her crush. Scott Thompson is of course the popular quarterback, the guy everyone wants to be with. The thing is that Kailey is shy and needs a little help to be with Scott. Fate though has something in store for her. Something that makes her see the real beauty in her, which she has never seen before. Scott sees her beauty everyday but is too shy to confront her. Can a magic box help her be with the man she loves? Or will it be tragedy for Kailey?

Scott Thompson has it all. He’s got good looks, a family that loves him, and a full scholarship to college. But he doesn’t have Kailey. Scott has always liked Kailey but since he’s a football jock he must maintain an image to everybody else. Something about Kailey pulls him to her and he wants more than just secret glances. A kiss from her is all he needs to know that she feels the same for him. The thing is she is shy and keeps denying the attraction between them. His father always said that when you find someone special there would be magic and fireworks. Kailey is the one for him but can Scott convince her that she doesn’t need to change.

Ah young love is beautiful especially when it is a man who does everything he can to make the woman see they belong to one another. Scott is definitely the man for Kailey yet in some ways he scares her. He is a gorgeous man that makes her heart flutter and the chemistry between them is hot. Kailey is definitely naïve in some ways yet willing to give her heart to him in any way. Ms. Vincent did a great job in showing these characters that with magic, love can extend to something beautiful and precious. I just loved Help Me Rhonda.

Book Blurb for Help Me Rhonda

Length: Novella (31138)

Heat Level: eXcess 2

Kailey Hamilton was your typical high school nerd. Everyone made fun of her and she had few friends. She had a crush on the star quarterback and captain of the football team.

Scott Thompson, the star quarterback, is afraid to admit his feelings for Kailey. He’s got a bright future ahead of him with a full scholarship to the University of Michigan. When he fails Calculus, his scholarship is on the line and he calls on Kailey to tutor him for summer school.

Kailey ends up spending the weekend at Scott’s house babysitting his younger brother. She tries to avoid Scott as much as possible after he unexpectedly kisses her.

When Scott finds an old box left by his father, he’s skeptical about what’s inside. Kailey’s curiosity gets the better of her and she unleashes the magic of the box. Her only wish is to make herself better for the people she loves. Can she win the heart of the quarterback and have her own happily ever after?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2009 4.50