Heart and Soul

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Heart and Soul

Leather is a rocker who can seduce her fans with her words of betrayal and passion. This is totally opposite of her true identity, Kate Costello. Kate is finally having freedom away from being Leather. She has dreamt of this day and won’t let anything deter her from having a real life. Jake Callahan though is one man who provokes her every chance he can get. Something about him brings out the fiery Italian in her. Each time she thinks she is making headway he does something to make her hotter than a hornets’ nest. He thinks he knows everything about her but like every other man out there he is wrong. Can he prove to her that she is not just a rock and roll rock star, but that she is a woman who just needs a little love in her life?

Jake Callahan’s main goal in life is to raise his child as best as he can. He was doing a great job until his idiot brother rents out his house to a woman. Not just any woman but one that for the first time in years is making his blood rise. In a good way though and this is something that scares him. Jake has no time for a sex life or at least love right now. He has to think of his daughter’s up bringing yet a surprise kiss from Kate starts to change things. Kisses from her are exciting but can he have love and passion in his life without his daughter’s heart getting hurt in the process?

These are two people from two different worlds and it is love that brings them together in an unusual way. Kate is a city girl with fame, music and money whereas Jake is a simple guy with simple tastes. Yet it is one child and her love for them that brings them together. I loved that even though Kate is a rock star she is not a shallow woman, which is something Jake is seeing firsthand. Now Jake is definitely like many men. When it comes to money he wants to be the one that provides it not the female. This is something that Kate knows is just one more thing to overcome or is it.

Heart and Soul was great to read and Kat Attalla did a wonderful job in making the characters see that love can surprise everyone and first impressions are not all that they seem to be. I just loved this passionate and loving story.

Book Blurb for Heart and Soul

On stage she is Leather, a Rock'n'Roll fantasy. Her music dominates the charts, while the "Queen of Flash" struts across the concert stages. She is a tease, a shameless flirt--and a glittering illusion. Kate Costello has had enough of the music scene. She takes off for New Mexico in search of the anonymity she'd bargained away for fame.

Jake Callahan is a single father. A decade ago his wife left the farm, leaving him to raise his daughter. He spent his savings bailing out his wild twin brother and is now facing cash-flow problems. Renting out the empty house on his property seems like an ideal solution until he sees the woman who answers the advertisement. Jake doesn't want the reclusive millionaire renting the house on his farm. But he has a teenager to deal with and bills to pay.

And now--a sexy tenant he can't seem to ignore.

Sparks fly between the cowboy and the rocker who believe they have nothing in common except a menagerie of goodhearted matchmakers determined to prove they'll make beautiful music together.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2009 4.50