Good Man Hunting

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Good Man Hunting

In fairy tales they had fairy godmothers that helped princess or maidens find their true love with magic. Now in the modern world we have a club called the Hunt Club. One woman controls the whole thing, an organization that helps us damsels in distress find our true mates. Is it real? That is something one pizza manager, Sandra Greene is about to find out.

All her life Sandra has compared all her guys to THE GUY of her dreams. He is the one who captured her heart years ago. Michael Warren is the guy she has compared all her guys to yet each time she thinks she has found the one he comes out a waste. The Hunt Club is something she joins in hopes of finding a guy that will make her dreams come true. What she finds out is totally way out of her league yet it sparks an interest in her. Instead of delivering pizzas and handling smart aleck teenagers she wants more than ever to attend meetings to drink sweet mimosas having fun with her friends. Yet through all this fun she cannot help but wonder if these people are for real. Is it legal to find out about the available men's finances, sexual orientation and most of all exactly what happens to their significant others?

Oh my god I loved this new book by Lisa Landolt. It was a great treat to read about people trying their best to help other women like Sandra Greene. Here is a woman who has not had such great luck in her life especially in the love department. I think once you start reading you will be so into the book that you almost wish there were people to help us. Great job to Lisa Landolt for pulling us into the book with such great characters it's almost like they were real right in front of you. Awesome job.

Book Blurb for Good Man Hunting

Sandra Greene knows men don't go for women like her: the invisible ones, the plain ones scrambling to make a living without benefit of the right connections, college degree, and fashionable clothes. But her life is changed forever when, at an old friend's wedding, she meets the wealthy socialites of the Hunt Club. They proudly claim they made that wedding possible, and they make Sandra an offer no woman can refuse. Sandra is guaranteed to marry any man she wants—no matter how good-looking, rich, powerful, or successful. All she has to do is play their matchmaking "game." Seduced by the promise of makeovers, money, and matrimony, she quickly joins the Hunt Club and can't wait to go after the husband of her dreams—a sexy Hollywood actor. At first it all seems too wonderful to be true as she changes her life and is about to get her guy—until the FBI steps in asking questions. Just how far will these women go to get what they want? That's when Sandra begins to realize that matchmaking is really murder...possibly in more ways than one!

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 4.75