Good Girls Don't

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Good Girls Don't

Tessa Donovan loves her job and her family. Yet this new incident of a break in all points to her reckless brother. She loves the brewery but sometimes it could be a real love breaker. It's been months since she's fallen for someone and Detective Luke Asher is definitely a man to fall for right now. He thinks she's behind all the breaking and entering but she's determined to prove him wrong. Just when she thinks everything could get to normalcy she starts thinking about Luke. Her brothers tell her he's bad news considering they are friends. Yet Tessa knows he is different and might be the one. Can she prove to her family that she is an adult and can deal with a sexy detective like Luke on her own terms?

Detective Luke Asher is a loner and takes his job seriously. The thing is that he might be taking it a little too serious when it involves a sexy woman getting under his skin. She seems innocent but he knows Tessa is hiding something about the case. Just when he thinks he's got her cornered he does something stupid by kissing her. One kiss and now he can't get her out of his mind no matter what he does. Not only does he have to find a thief but he also has to deal with his partners' pregnancy. Everybody thinks he's the father, while the only person he wants to know the truth is ignoring him. Can he prove to Tessa that he loves her before it's too late?

This is the first I have read by Victoria Dahl and have to say I loved it. Here is a family who is loyal to each other and a man willing to take them all on for the love of one woman. The whole who did what in the book was a laugh to read about, especially when it comes to Tessa's family. Victoria Dahl did a great job in showing us that even though we have no time for love it does come our matter what situation were in right now. All in all, it was great book and I can't wait for more from this talented author.

Book Blurb for Good Girls Don't

Too much of a good thing.

With her long ponytail and sparkling green eyes, Tessa Donovan looks more like the girl next door than a businesswoman-or a heartbreaker. Which may explain why Detective Luke Asher barely notices her when he arrives to investigate a breakin at her family's brewery. He's got his own problems-starting with the fact that his partner, Simone, is pregnant and everyone thinks he's the father.

Tessa has her hands full, too. Her brother's playboy ways may be threatening the business, and the tension could tear her tightknit family apart. In fact, the only thing that could unite the Donovan boys is seeing a man come after their "baby" sister. Especially a man like Luke Asher. But Tessa sees past the rumors to the man beneath. He's not who people think he is-and neither is she.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 3.75