Gone to the Dogs

Katie is at the end of her rope not only in her finances but also career wise. She thought she had it all until her husband divorces her and yes ruins her career. She used to be good in PR stuff and advertising yet when it comes to Yipsey Dipsey she is having a hard time. This is her last chance yet no matter what she does something goes wrong. She is trying to deal with how low she has go. She knows that someone must be on her case for how bad her life has turned yet she can't explain the sexual attraction she feels towards fireman Mike Marino. He is everything she hates in men or so she thinks. He is always there when she needs him, courageous, fearless and so drop dead sexy. Can Katie make Yipsey Dipsey a success? Who exactly is trying so hard to make her fail?

Oh boy this was a comedy true and true. Just reading about poor Katie trying to work in a place called Yipsey was hilarious. Then you have Mike who is all man just trying to protect his woman was so sweet. Each time they were near they fooled around, argued or just passed each other. This was a great read. I just wish there was more story with Mike and Katie. The only part I thought that should have had more storyline was with Mike.

Book Blurb for Gone to the Dogs

As a suddenly jobless and newly jilted fiancée, Katie moves from NYC to Kansas. Her new job is to help the financially struggling Yipsey Dipsey Company market and sell a new drink, Whoopsie, before the company goes bankrupt. However, there are others who would rather see the company sold. Then someone tries to kill her.

She plans to ignore handsome fireman Mike Marino, who's out to win her heart. She wants no ties to Kansas as she isn't going to stay there. But Katie finds it impossible to escape the lust-filled mutual attraction pulling them together for passionate kisses and frenzied lovemaking trysts while the situation at Yipsey Dipsey becomes increasingly complicated.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 4.00