Goddess Goodies

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Goddess Goodies

Book Length: Plus Novel

What do you do when you come home from a conference hoping to meet your husband and find him shacked up with a younger version of you and pregnant? That is just the tip of the iceberg for what has happened to Diana Lambert. Never in her wildest dreams did she think her husband would have cheated on her. Least of all divorce, take over the business she created and make her feel like scum to her trusted employees. Everybody in her life said she was blindly in love but she never knew how blind until she found out more about her loving husband. Now that she is divorcing him she feels unsatisfactory in life especially in the love department. Even now she still is in love with him but knows it is wrong. Years ago she had the strength, courage and cleverness to start Diana's Delights but can she go through all that again with Goddess Goodies. She knows she wants revenge but a part of her wants to conquer this divorce without revenge. Can she do it? More than that can she find true love again?

Okay first of all this was a great story to read. One part I didn't like was the woman who the idiot husband cheated on had my name. Other than that it was great to read for you see how brave Diana is throughout the story. Yes there are times she feels in a way stupid for going through a marriage without really seeing her true husband for who he was behind her back but at the same time you see this making her stronger. In a way she learns from her mistakes yet is cautious when her real true love comes in her way. Mardi Ballou did a great job adding so many wonderful secondary characters that it was hard to just like one of them for they were all great. This story was a true story about second chances at finding love, courage and most of all to never give up on your dreams of success with the right prince charming by your side. Awesome job Mardi and can't wait for more of your enchanting tales.

Book Blurb for Goddess Goodies

Diana Lambert seems to have it all — a loving husband, a successful business and her dream house. That is, until she returns home from a business trip and finds her husband and trusted assistant playing house. Moreover, the two of them have planned a coup to effectively remove her from Diana's Delights, which was built on her own dream — and family recipes.

Stunned and devastated, Diana is almost ready to drown in hot fudge and sorrow when a nudge from her inner goddess spurs her not to let her talents go to waste. With renewed determination, Diana rolls up her sleeves, unleashes the goddess within and starts cooking up a recipe for getting even. And the sweet treats aren't confined to the kitchen, as she discovers when handsome Ben Riker steps up to offer his support.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2007 4.75