Ghost Shadow

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Ghost Shadow

Bone Island Trilogy #1

Katie O’ Hara has had friends and interesting friendly friends all her life. She has heard these people in her head all her life and is quite comfortable with them. People around her say she’s crazy but sometimes these types of friends are helpful. It has been years since there has been a murder and now it is up to her to find the real killer before they find her. Years ago David Beckett’s fiancée was murdered yet no one was found guilty. Sure everyone pointed fingers at David even her own family thought he was guilty. The thing is now that he’s back she sees a different person now. He was a young boy she had a small crush years ago and now he is a man that is making her go fuzzy. Can she help David solve the murder?

David Beckett left years ago somewhat on the run. He was charged in his fiancée’s murder even though he didn’t do it. Coming back to the island he knew was a mistake. Then the murders appear again and in his family museum. He expected a lot of things with his appearance but never thought he would rely on Katie O’ Hara. Everybody said she was crazy, always talking to dead people.supposedly. However, she is the only one who believes in him even if he doesn’t believe in himself. Knowing that there are people coming up dead everybody thinks it’s him. Can he convince everyone that he is innocent? Can he save Katie before the killer preys on her?

Katie and David are two people who years ago might have had something with a chance at a future but now have really have a chance for it to happen. David ran away years ago from people accusing him of something he never did. Yet Katie is a woman who is the only one who believes in his innocence. What I liked about Ghost Shadow by Heather Graham is that it involves a tricky paranormal suspense and murder. It is definitely a spooky book that has ghosts and secrets that are supposed to be left buried. Heather did a great job in keeping the suspense going and keeping the killer’s identity hidden. She was even able to keep me on the edge of my seat anticipating what will happen next. Great job.

Book Blurb for Ghost Shadow

There are those who walk among us who are no longer alive, but not yet crossed over. They seek retribution…vengeance…to warn. Among the living, few intuit their presence.

Katie O'Hara is one who can.

As she's drawn deeper and deeper into a gruesome years-old murder, whispered warnings from a spectral friend become more and more insistent. But Katie must uncover the truth: could David Beckett really be guilty of his fiancée's murder?

Worse—the body count's rising on the Island of Bones, andthe dead seem to be reenacting some macabre tableaux from history. The danger is increasing by the moment—especially as Katie finds herself irresistibly drawn to David, who may be responsible for more than just one killing…. 

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2010 4.25