Ghost Moon

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Ghost Moon

Bone Island Trilogy, #2

It's been years since Kelsey Donovan has been back to Key West. She was just a little girl the last time she saw Cutter Merlin. Her father always told her that he was dangerous and not sane. The thing is he was her grandpa and she never believed the lies. That was until she came back for his funeral. She never expected that Cutter would keep the house the same way it was when she left years ago. Something about the mummy inside and the coffin welcomes her back to the house. Little girls played with Barbie's but for Kelsey her's was filled with hearing stories about Cutters adventures around the world. Everybody says he was working with the devil but she knows otherwise. Being back in Key West feels the same yet knowing that Liam Beckett still lives there gives her peace. Gone is the little boy she had a crush on. Now he is a man that makes her libido go crazy. Can she figure out what killed her grandpa before it strikes her?

Liam Beckett has never forgotten about Kelsey Donovan. Years ago she was his crush, but he never got the nerve to tell her. He lost her after a tragedy separated them and once again tragedy strikes. Cutter Merlin was not only the town's hermit but was like a grandpa to him. Everybody in the town knew about his adventures and sadly his crazy ways. Key West is a place of mystery, ghosts and one is trying to kill Kelsey. Something about the old house gives everybody the creeps yet Kelsey is the only one that feels safe in it. People are coming up dead and somebody is determined to get rid of Kelsey at any cost. Can he protect Kelsey from the shadows that lurk around the house?

Heather Graham has done it again. This is the second second Bone Island trilogy. She will have you shivering till the end. I loved the whole mystery of the ghosts and the mystery of Cutter's death. Liam has never fallen out of love for Kelsey and you can tell from the start of the book. The love they share for one another is great and the ghosts that surround them lift up the story in every way. Great job Heather.

Book Blurb for Ghost Moon

Reclusive collector Cutter Merlin is seldom seen in Key West—lately, not at all. Officer Liam Beckett visits Merlin's curious house and discovers the gentleman in his study. In his death grip: a volume of occult lore and a reliquary. His eyes are wide with fright, his mouth a horrified rictus where spiders now dwell.

Kelsey Donovan returns to the old house to catalog her estranged grandfather's collection of artifacts and antiquities, vowing to see his treasures divested properly. But she cannot ignore the sense that she's being watched, the reports of malevolent black figures, the pervasive smell of death.

Is the Merlin house haunted, even cursed? Liam knows well that some ghost stories are true and he swears to protect Kelsey. But there are forces at work for whom one more life is a pittance to pay for their deepest desire….

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2011 4.25