Gateway to Heaven

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Gateway to Heaven

Christian Lasher has had everything come into his like easily. He's a talented singer and writer. However, the only thing he cannot have is a happily ever after. He thought he had it with his wife but she never trusted him. Now he is tired of the music fame, people knowing him right away never giving him a chance to show the real Christian Lasher. Everything changes when he meets Megan Shreve. She is everything that is missing from his life like honesty, trust, purity and most of all love. She is a woman that he has dreamt of but never thought was for real. The only thing is that Megan has issues some that he is afraid for her to remember. One thing he knows is that Megan is definitely worth waiting for and fighting for. Can he make her see that he is more than a rock musician?

Something happened in Megan Shreve's life years ago. Something that Christian barely remembered about when he used to live in her old neighborhood. Because of this she knows he is kind of nervous about kissing her. This is something hard to believe because all it takes is one kiss to make Megan feel for the first time desirable. She knows that trust and honesty comes hard in people's lives but she wants Christian to know that she is for real. Being in his arms not only makes her feel like a real woman but for the first time she feels she has found her soul mate. Can these two from different life styles find that special love?

Heaven is something that we all wonder about and questions what it exactly is. Is it a place up there where we find peace or something that we hear or look forward to seeing? For Christian he has only known one Heaven and that is Megan Shreve. Something about her makes him feel like he can be normal and not pretend to be rich. With Megan he can be himself and be honest. Now Megan she is for the first time in awe about Christian. Here is a guy who is gorgeous and wants her. I loved that Beth Kery not only created two people who have both been scarred, in pain and heartache to overcome so many things. Not only is Beth Kery talented buy you get to see how she can create one painful memory and bring in new wonderful memories with one kiss. I loved the book and can't wait for more by this talented author.

Book Blurb for Gateway to Heaven

Life is rough when you’re gorgeous, rich, talented and so sexy the media won’t leave you alone. It was certainly the truth in Christian Lasher’s case. He returns to the neighborhood of his childhood to escape the spotlight, hungering for a change in his creative endeavors. In the midst of his soul searching he meets Megan and is captured by the tantalizing hint of her hidden fires. Megan knows nothing about his wild, rebellious youth or his career as a rock star—and Christian would prefer to keep it that way. There was much, much more to her than the role of a fragile victim. Megan Shreve is a sculptor with creative depths and passions that tragedy had forced into the shadows. When she looks into Christian’s eyes she sees herself for the first time as an exciting, sexy woman. She longs to discover more of herself in Christian’s arms and in his bed. Two passionate souls destined for one another—unless the stifling roles imposed by tragedy and fame rip them apart.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 4.75