Game Time

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Game Time

Imagine a time when there are people playing out our lives? Seducing us, making us wish for more and only to take it away just with a snap of their fingers. Ana is one of those people. She is beautiful, smart, and clever and is lost. All she knows is that Carson Wheeler almost ran over her and now her life is in his hands. She has no memory of where she came from just that a voice in her head guides her and teachers her about our world, the 21st century. Since she got out of the hospital and learns more about Carson's life she starts to feel that something is not up with her life. Questions arise like how she got to be in the middle of the road and why for the first time in years Carson feels so attracted to her. Ana knows that Carson is something to her but she is unsure what part of importance he is in her life. All she knows is that the voice in her head keeps reminding her of some game that she must win. Will she ever figure out what is really going on? Can she win the game and still not feel anything for Carson Wheeler?

Carson Wheeler is a man of much heartache in his life. First the love of his life dies leaving him a son and a daughter he lost. It wasn't his fault but his second marriage is what started the nightmare that his life has led so far. She was just a baby when he found her gone and determined to find his little girl. Carson doesn't need any distraction right now and when he meets Ana he is wondering why he feels strongly attracted to her. Something about her life makes him feel uneasy but also for the first time he is starting to see life in a new way. He is always in fear of losing another child and coddles his little boy. When it comes to Ana protecting her is just one thing he wants to do with her. Can he go into a relationship with Ana when he is not sure about who she really is? Will he ever find his little girl?

Oh my god this is the first time I have read by Mary Ann Chulik and won't be my last. This author has a very good imagination to the point where you can see yourself in the 25th century. Hard to believe but I felt so sorry for the hero instead of the heroine. Here you have Carson who just reading about his heartache and the pain he has gone through will make you sad. I loved that Ana comes into his life when he needs her the most even though he denies it. Great book and there is a sequel to this wonderful story. Watch my next review on that one.

Book Blurb for Game Time

Ana arrives from the future to play in a reality game show watched by the twenty-fifth-century audience. To win her game, she must induce preppy assistant principal Carson Wheeler to propose marriage to her. The Game designers add a fiendish complication to the game by giving Ana amnesia as soon as she enters the twenty-first century.

Carson doesn't trust women. After his first wife died, leaving him with two young children, he remarried too quickly. His second wife ran away, taking Carson's toddler daughter with her. Now Carson spends all his spare time and money trying to find his kidnapped child. He's determined to raise his son by himself and never get involved with a woman again—not even with beautiful, buxom artist Ana Valdez.

As Ana learns to cope with today's culture, she struggles with romantic and sexual longings she has never experienced before. When she regains her memory, she must choose between her twenty-fifth-century extended family and her passionate love for Carson. But both Ana and Carson remain unaware of the Game designers' ultimate and secret purpose.

Reader Advisory: This book contains explicit sexual scenes.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 5.00