For Love of Charley

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For Love of Charley

Book Length: Novel

She only had one man in her life, one who she thought was her prince. That changed when she gave herself to him only to meet him again ten years later. One night of passion was all Charley had and she will never forgive him for leaving her without an explanation. She never expected to have him come back to be her business partner. The Red Dog Saloon, her priced possession was the only thing she loves right now. She wasn't about to let this gorgeous, sexy as sin man take her business away from her just because he has money now. She has worked hard to make it a success. Yet one kiss from Cole Jordan and Charley is lost all over again. Unsure what to do about the feelings he is provoking in her again is making her wonder where the relationship will go this time. All Charley knows is that she cannot go through the pain she felts years ago again.

Cole Jordan has his own reasons why he left the woman he loved years ago. Coming back as her business partner was one way of mending fences and getting in her good graces. The more they work with each other the harder it gets to make her see that he wants a second chance. He is proud of all the hard work she has done to make the Red Dog a success but wants her to be proud of his fortune as well. When they first met he was poor and she was a niece to a rich man. Now that they are both grown up Cole is determined to make her see that he still loves her more than ever. Can he make her see that his love is for real? Will the person that separated them years ago come between them again?

How would you feel if you give yourself to a man and he leaves the next day with no explanation come back into your life saying he still loves you? Well that is something that Charley has to decide what to do. In her heart she still loves him but as a woman who was dumped it's hard to forgive him. Now what I liked was that this was not your fragile heroine. Oh no she is feisty, courageous and most of all will not let this sexy as sin guy make her melt whenever he's near. Well not make her melt when he's nearby for that matter. Yes the passion is there and Katherine Allred did a beautiful job in making obstacles between them one that Charley never expected. I loved that even though ten years have passed there is no denying that the sexual attraction and deep chemistry is still there. Great book from Cerridwen Press and can't wait for more from this talented author.

Book Blurb for For Love of Charley

It's been ten years since Cole Jordan was run out of Canyon Bend, ten years he spent accumulating a vast fortune. Now he's back with only one goal in mind. To win the woman he left behind, the woman he never forgot. This time, not even her wealthy, overprotective uncle will stop him. Because everything he's done, he's done for love of Charley.

After Cole made passionate love to her one night, he vanished without a word, so Charley doesn't trust him worth a damn when he reappears. Especially when she discovers it's his company that bought half of her business, the Red Dog Saloon. But Cole has big plans for the town that once shunned him, and as Charley finds herself working with him daily, the love she's tried so hard to suppress blooms again. Only one thing stands in their way; Cole's refusal to tell her why he left so abruptly.

While they fight their way back to each other, outside influences work to keep them apart at any cost…even death.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2007 4.00