For A Price

Virginity…a rare thing for a grown woman to still have intact…especially in the 21st century. Right now this is something that Maureen Sullivan is dealing with. She’s dated before but right now she has a dilemma. Her mother needs her help and she is loyal to her family. The one thing that can help her is if she sells her virtue. People around her hate her for this but she has to help no matter what she can. Her aunt tells her she is doing a good thing but then she meets Nicholas Webster. Here is a guy who is tempting her to give him her virtue yet her mother needs her. Torn between two people she loves she has no idea what to do.

Nicholas Webster is wealthy beyond anybody’s dream and loves his money. Living in a place like Las Vegas he’s seen everything from strippers to drama queens but has never seen a story like Maureen’s. He has no idea why she would do this bizarre thing. She is beautiful, smart and sexy. She is making him determined that he’s the only man for her when the time comes. Nicholas knows that their nights together are tempting her to be with him forever. Can he convince her that what she is doing is wrong even if it means helping family?

For a Price by Olivia Brynn is a tale about a woman’s virtue and a dilemma that she is facing. Maureen Sullivan is not your usual Las Vegas girl for she has lived a life no one has had before. Growing up in a brothel with an eccentric aunt was fun but now people are looking at her like she’s a freak. I loved that even though she is trying to be normal she does an outrageous thing like this while still being positive. Now when Nicholas shows up that is when the fun really starts. Olivia Brynn did a great job in creating this gorgeous, wealthy and sexy man to tempt Maureen and us beyond our wildest dreams. I just loved it.

Book Blurb for For A Price

You can’t get blood from a stone. That’s what Maureen Sullivan’s mother always told her, but now it’s collection time, and bill collectors aren’t after blood; they want money. At this point, she’d do just about anything…for a price. To get her mother out of the red, Maureen packs her tiny nest egg and runs to Las Vegas, hoping for a miracle.
Once in Sin City, Maureen’s Aunt Lottie shows her that the fastest way out of a financial hell doesn’t lie in Maureen’s luck at a blackjack table, but in the auction of a much more controversial commodity: Maureen’s virginity. Vegas is the perfect place to cash in. What they decide to do will not only make headlines in the Nevada city, but around the world.
The last thing Maureen needs right now is to fall for sexy Nicholas Webster, who’s used to getting everything he wants. Because when the time comes, she’d have to betray the man she’s come to love in order to fulfill her contract. Will she be able to sell herself? And at what price?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2009 4.00