Fly By Knight

Part of The Hussies Series - Historical/Paranormal

Imagine a man to be burned at the stake for something that we find important in the 21st century. Imagine a woman who people think is a witch goes above and beyond to help this man in any way she can.

Gwyneth Mor Hafren is not your usual heroine in this historical romance. Instead of marrying and bearing children every year she is planning and inventing things that people will hopefully find useful. She has already buried two husbands and she is not about to give up her freedom for any man. Well that was until she dreamed about Aubrey Thaxton. A woman years ago came to her in a dream and said it is her mission to somehow save him. She didn't know who he was at the time and now that she does she is rethinking about giving up on love. The thing is Aubrey is not Welsh like her and her people do not like strangers meaning non-Welsh. Can she convince them that Aubrey is not a witch and can help them?

Baron Aubrey Thaxton is at death's door. He is not sure what has happened to his cousin to believe that he could actually hurt people. All he did was help one woman deliver her children. Now because one act of kindness he is going to be burned at the stake. Not only is it unheard of but he knows it is a huge mistake. So it comes as surprise that Gwyneth wants to help him. He has never met a woman like her. Not only does she have courageous but she is also quite a daredevil. She is doing things he never thought a woman of her breeding should do. All that matters though is can he trust Gwyneth with his life? Or is she the traitor that he has been looking for?

Sahara Kelly sure knows how to write a Hussy. I loved Gwyneth for she is definitely not your regular Welsh woman. Sahara can really create a character that is not like your regular period woman. Everybody thinks Gwyneth is crazy or a witch yet with Aubrey she feels cherished and safe. She knows that her helping in Aubrey's life can determine how her life will be later on. Sahara has a unique way of creating a world that any reader can see so easily. Her characters all come to life and how she brought something that we have into a historical story was great to read about in Fly by Night. You just have to read it to find out and be amazed with her great story telling.

Book Blurb for Fly By Knight

Part of the Hussies series.

A Knight condemned to death. A Welsh woman with a quest. Is it fate that brings these two together — or the mystical touch of an ancient warrior? Aubrey Thaxton doesn't really care, since he's facing his imminent demise and isn't averse to some bedsport before he burns at the stake. The strange wench who appears in his chamber is just what he needs.

Gwyneth Mor Hafren wasn't planning on enjoying Baron Thaxton's physical charms, however. She's there to rescue him, driven by a knowledge given her long ago in a dream. Together these two unlikely cohorts escape Castle Thaxton and journey into what is, for Aubrey, enemy territory. Wales.

Surrounded by hostility and betrayal, Aubrey and Gwyneth discover passion amidst the turmoil, a deep and abiding emotion that binds them to each other more tightly than the strongest chains. Will it save them both, complete Gwyneth's quest and take them on a wild journey to a place where their hearts are free to "Fly By Knight"?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2008 4.75