First Impressions

Tombstone Treasures, book 1

Sammie Carpenter is an Army Soldier not a girl. All her life she has been a tomboy and working as a pretend saloon girl with her boobs almost coming out. This doesn’t help her self-esteem. The one time she actually acted like a girl was when a little boy name James kissed her. It was a kiss she never has forgotten and her first love. The thing is that now that she is grown her heart has never found love again. That was until a man name Jimmy comes along. He works at Tombstone as one the actors and somehow has gotten into her heart. For some reason she knows this is her James but like a man he doesn’t remember a dang thing. Sammie knows this is her chance to get her man but can she really pull it off. Can she be the woman her mother always wanted her to be and seduce a man?

Jimmy is a devout religious man and has been searching for THE ONE. Not your typical woman but one who shares the same beliefs in him. His father taught him a lesson that a man can never forget the almighty even for a woman. Yet something about Sammie is making him throw caution to the wind and gain Sammie’s attention even if she doesn’t believe in God. Or does she? There are times he thinks she wants to be saved yet when she plays seductress he is confused. Is Sammie the woman for him or is she just playing his heart?

First Impressions can definitely give us the wrong impressions sometimes but for Sammie and Jimmy it’s one hilarious ride. One minute Jimmy has found his woman yet is confused about how she acts. Now Sammie is definitely all tomboy and for the first time she feels like a woman when she is around Jimmy. I loved that these two were so attracted to each other yet kept denying the attraction. Definitely a great book. I loved the whole play acting that Sammie does in the saloon. Great job.

Book Blurb for First Impressions

Sammie Carpenter understands how a uniform influences behavior. Wearing her Army fatigues puts her in the mindset of a soldier and donning her Class-A Uniform always helps her shift into Captain Mode. So what harm could come from her dressing like a saloon girl and strutting through the streets of Tombstone? She didn't know how to flirt to save her life, and she wasn't getting any younger.

When she met the lonesome stud cowboy, Jimmy, she knew he was the one. So why was their communication always so awkward? Couldn't he see that she was interested in him? No matter how hard she tried to win him over, she couldn't seem to get him to see past his first impression of her. But Sammie didn't give up easily. Somehow she would make him see that they were meant to be together, but how can she do that when all of her plans keep falling apart?

Some sights list this inspirational romance as warm and others as sensual. It's a Christian romance with sizzle.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 4.00