Firefly Promise

Romantic Suspense - Erotic

Caleb has given up on life and on finding love. He had a perfect marriage and children to come home to each night. Everything changed after one game he attended. Now years later all he does is use women for sex and not care for any one of them. Caleb has become what every woman has wanted a real life human sex machine not caring about anything but all that changes when he sleeps with Joss. Here is a woman who for the first time in years is making him want more than one night. Not only that but Joss is linked to the past that he thought was gone forever. She keeps insisting that he needs her but no matter how hard he tries she keeps saying it is about a promise she made. He knows promises; wishes and dreams never come true especially for him yet with Joss he is dreaming for the impossible. Will he lose his heart again to pain and heartache?

Joss has had one only friend in her life. Everything changed two years ago when the only friend she had passed away. Now for the first time she is starting to live but like Caleb she has gone through heartache. She lost someone precious too her and no matter how hard she has tried she still has hope. The only thing is that she made promise years ago to that special friend but she is having a hard time sticking to the plan. She knows that a one nightstand with Caleb will never do but can she really afford to dream of the impossible with him. The plan is to get him back into life but Joss never expected for love to distract her from it. Can a promise years ago unite two lost soul mates?

Oh my god I love this new book by Nikki Soarde. Not only is it sweet but to see a man with so much heartache and pain instead of the heroine this time was interesting. Nikki did a great job in showing Caleb’s grief, anger and passion all throughout the book. You see not only Joss as a friend and lover but also one who is looking for something she lost just like Caleb. Firefly Promise is a great book that shows everybody deserves a second chance even though you sometimes feel like you don’t deserve it. Highly recommended from this reviewer for any reader who loves men who have big hearts and are willing to love again.

Book Blurb for Firefly Promise

Joss has given up. Two years of chasing after her estranged husband and the daughter he kidnapped, and she's finally resigned herself to the inevitable. Her ex is too smart and too rich to be caught. But when she returns home to find comfort and rejuvenation, she finds someone who needs hope even more than she.

Caleb has lost everything. After ten years of married bliss and two beautiful children, a tragic accident has left him desolate and alone. He throws himself into his career and empty sex in order to forget his grief and guilt. When his wife's friend Joss appears in his life, he is ill-prepared for his reaction to her and her situation.

An unexpected tip from an informant in Italy sends them off to Florence in search of Joss' daughter. Strangely, the possibility of reuniting Joss with her daughter gives Caleb new hope. And the whirlwind trip, full of adventure, deceit and passion, also gives them an opportunity to discover things about themselves and each other that could change their lives forever.

Reader Advisory: Contains mild male/male sexual interactions.


Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 5.00