Finding Cupid

Where is Cupid? Why do people think she is a hooker? That is what keeps going through gorgeous, hair-tousled, young and beautiful Lula's mind as she enters Cupid's Headquarter a flower shop. This is the first time she is on Earth and must do everything she can not to make Cupid and Cinnamus, her teacher, dissatisfied with her again.

She knows she is good and can see which couples are right for one another, but when it comes to herself that's a different matter. When it comes to Dake she is unsure for the first time if love exists for her. She has great feelings for him. As a student for Cupid she's known since birth love does exist yet can she go against the mighty gods to keep her love towards Dake and to remain with him.

Dake has seen and heard lots of unusual things but Lula tops it all. Seeing her in a transparent gown knocked his eyes off, hearing her say she is a student of Cupid, the god of love, makes her look cuckoo. Yes she is beautiful, sexy and for the first time this woman who sounds crazy to him has somehow gotten to his heart. Now Dake is not sure what to do about this short time he has with Lula. He knows it is not right to keep her on Earth when she is almost a god herself and belongs on Mt. Olympus. Can he just let her go? A day with Lula is hilarious and each day is erotic and filled with kisses. A life without her is something he cannot imagine living.

Daisy Dexter Dobbs has a hit with this one. From the first page I was laughing my eyes off with Lula. Here is a woman who speaks what is on her mind and never holds back. My favorite scene was Lula telling Dake to have sex with her right now with no questions asked. Not only is she attractive, but also is smart in her own way. You have the Gods of Olympus, Cinnamus who is gay with a big heart waiting for his special loved and Dake's brother who is also gay waiting for his soul mate. Not sure how Daisy pulled that off but each character's story worked great. There's two parts in this story starting with Dake and Lula then Cinnamus and Dake's brother. All of it was great and entertaining to read from seeing how Lula open sexuality scares Dake into finding out about her wings. They only have a short time together (3 days) but love hits them hard in every way, making them wonder if love can really conquer anything.

Book Blurb for Finding Cupid

A resident of Mount Olympus and student at Cupid Academy, Lula travels to Earth as part of her final exam for the Perfect Love Matches 101 course. Capricious and absentminded, she's determined to make a positive impression on Cupid, who'll be traveling incognito. To her horror, flight turbulence whips Lula's class materials out of the chariot. Without her map to Cupid's Earthly headquarters or her invisibility garb, the naïve nymph is in trouble.

Hunky, macho electrical contractor Dake is in hell. At least that's how he feels manning Cupid's Headquarters, his brother's flower shop, during an emergency. When a gorgeous, curvy, nearly naked blonde bursts into the shop, talking of such bizarre things as nymphs, Cupid, chariots and invisible wings, things start looking up. Dake's captivated, and wild with desire.

Of course, he's certain she's nuts. And probably a hooker.

Lula's thrilled. At last, she's found Cupid!

Reader Advisory: This book contains graphic male/male sexual interaction.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2007 4.75