Exposing Victoria

Shane is a man who loves his work and will do anything he can to complete it. The thing is that his last mission made everybody think he’s dead. Now that he is ready to well live people are having a hard time. One woman especially, Victoria, is having a hard time believing that he is serious. Everybody knew him as a womanizer never getting into a serious relationship. Victoria though is a woman who has seen men like him and wants nothing to do with his like. Yet one night with Shane is making her wonder if she has gone crazy. She has gone through things in life that will shock Shane but they are like second nature to her. Vicky loves sex and it excites her to know that she can empower any man. Well any man except the one who with sweet kisses and hot caresses she is a weakling with. Can she succumb to a man after all these years being independent and into her own empowerment?

It has been years since Shane has been back on dry land and the first person that draws to him is Victoria. Shane has secrets of his own, ones that will kill innocent people. He is determined to keep Victoria away from him, but he is more than smitten by her. Somehow Victoria has gotten under his skin unlike any other woman has done. His friends tell him that no man can tame Victoria but he wants to be that man in her life. Just when he thinks he knows all about Victoria she surprises him in a way he never expected. Can he be the man she needs? Can he accommodate her in the lifestyle she has led so far?

The Sequel to Commanding Kat is hotter than ever and Reese definitely outshines in this one. I loved that Shane is one hot bad boy but when it comes to Victoria he is confused. Here is a woman that takes his breath away but he is stunned to do…what’s next. I loved that all his life he has been a workaholic, a man with a mission to complete yet when it comes to Victoria he’s lost. These two were great and man Reese really knows passion between these two. I loved that one minute they fight and the next they are burning with hot passion. Awesome.

Book Blurb for Exposing Victoria

Sequel to Commanding Kat, but may be read as a stand-alone title.
Shane has faced his share of battles but nothing like the spunky Victoria. He’ll do anything to possess her beautiful body.
Vicky is determined to make sure Shane is no more than a one-night stand but when the handsome hunk guesses her secret fantasy, an all-out war ensues. Vicky is an exhibitionist and Shane is just the man to light her on fire. The threat of discovery turns her on. Nowhere is off limits for their pulse-pounding lovemaking. From beaches to offices to a back alley at midnight, they can’t get enough of each other.
She’s never had a man satisfy her so well, but Shane has to fight to keep the upper hand and keep Vicky coming back for more.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 5.00