Erin's Rebel

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Erin's Rebel

Susan Macatee did a great job in showing the full details about the Civil War and two lovers reuniting. This is definitely a book worth reading for it brings the war into real focus. Betrayal and a romance that spans all time are brought to life.

Erin Branigan is in love for the first time. The thing is it is not her fiancé that she is in love with. Instead she has been in love with a dead man, one who has been dead for 140 years. Each night she dreams of Captain William Montgomery, feeling his touch and cares yet wakes up to loneliness. She has no idea why she feels so connected to William for she doesn’t even know him. She remembers her grandmother talking about him but doesn’t know why she feels like she lost her soul mate. Erin always wondered about his life but had no idea she would experience it firsthand. For some reason fate wants her to be with William but for what she doesn’t know. All Erin knows is that she cannot live alone without him again? Can Erin find out what her part in his life is?

Captain William Montgomery is heroic and loyal to his army. The thing is ever since his wife passed away he has not felt alive. That was until the laundress, Erin O’ Connell starts to help out. Something about her is making him see that his little girl Amanda and especially him need Erin. For the first time in years he has been able to laugh and love. Something he thought he would never feel again yet with Erin it comes so easily. The more he’s with her the harder it is to see a life without her. Yet someone is trying to tear them apart by making him think she is a traitor. A beautiful woman like her cannot be a traitor yet a niggling feeling is making him doubt their love. Can he prove to Erin that he is the man she needs not only to protect her but to love her as well?

I love historical romances and Susan Macatee did a beautiful job in this one. I loved that Erin is definitely a 21st century woman yet yearns for that all consuming love that she cannot find right now. William is all she has been searching for in a man, but he is in another century. Erin will do anything she can to find out what her part in his life is even if it means her own life.

Book Blurb for Erin's Rebel

Historical American Rose
Rating: Spicy
Page Count: 264
Philadelphia newspaper reporter, Erin Branigan, is engaged to marry an up-and-coming lawyer, but dreams of a man from the past change those plans and start her on a journey beyond time. After a car accident, Erin wakes to find herself living in the 1860s in a Confederate army camp. Captain Will Montgomery, the man of her dreams, is now a flesh and blood Rebel soldier who sets her soul aflame. Something about him needed here. Can she correct a mistake made long ago that caused his death and denied her the love she was meant to have? Or is she doomed to live out her life with nothing but regret?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2009 4.50