Educating Emily

Emily Sinclair has dreamed of the day she would get her man. Not just any man but one of the McKay men. He is everything she has fantasized, dreamt, lusted and fallen in love with. The problem is that Devlin McKay still sees her as his little sister's best friend. Tired of always being known as the pesky little friend she decides it is time to grow up and show Devlin she is all woman and ready to get her man. The thing is that though Emily has set her mind she is wondering if just one night in his bed will be enough. When she starts getting used to Devlin's kisses and his gorgeous body in her the rational part of her comes upfront making her once again wonder about their relationship. Not only is she grown up but is running a successful online magazine for women. She knows that if she writes an article about how to drive a man wild by experience she can get more readers to sign up for her online magazine. What she didn't expect was for her heart to get in the way. Can she just be a sex partner to Devlin when in her heart she has always wanted to be more than a lover?

Devlin McKay is every woman's dream lover. He walks with a sexual prowess that you can see from miles away and he can have any woman he wants. The thing is that he never expected to have one of his women be Emily Sinclair. Gone are the pigtails and now she is a woman with long legs with a body that is making him wish to be in her bed every night. As a bachelor he is known to bed a woman then leave. Yet with Emily he wants more than just a night or a couple of hours. It's hard to believe that this gorgeous man just wants one woman for himself. Emily is everything he thought he would never have and now he must find a way to make her see he wants more than a lover. Can he make her see that he wants more than just a fling?

Oh my god I love this McKay brother and want more of them Beverly. If this is a series man Devlin was a good way to start it. I loved Emily and her takecharge attitude. Here is a woman who has always known who her dream guy is but because of circumstances never followed through with it. Now that she is all grown up she is determined to finally know what it is like to be in Devlin's bed. And man ladies get a nice ice old glass of drink you will need it. From their first meeting you can tell they are great for each other. I just can't say enough of this book without telling the whole story but you must read it. I highly recommended Educating Emily and applaud Beverly Havlir for creating a delightful man that comes easily to life in my readers mind. Great job and Beverly is definitely a keeper for this reviewer can't wait for more.

Book Blurb for Educating Emily

How to drive a man insane in bed.

That's the subject of Emily Sinclair's latest article for her online magazine. And she has just the guy in mind to teach her — Devlin McKay. After all, she's fantasized about the hottie next door for years.

Devlin is shocked by Emily's proposition, not to mention aroused. She's definitely not a kid anymore, and she's not just sexy — she's irresistible. He agrees to be her sexual mentor, but he has a proposition of his own. When the lessons are over, they will each go their separate ways. He's not in the market for a relationship.

One night in the classroom — well, bedroom — and Devlin is singing a different tune. Not only is Emily Sinclair all grown up, but she has a lot to teach him, too.


Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 5.00