Dream Lover

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Dream Lover

Carol Lawson loves her job as a hotel manager, but there are days when she gets frustrated and bored. Everything would be great in her job if people didn’t keep talking about Cody Briggs. Here is a guy who is confusing her in every way, yet intrigues her about his guided tours. Once a professor this new career just boggles her mind. Everybody in her life says she needs to relax and not work so hard. Something is going on in Arizona and she knows Cody is behind it. Cody brings out a side of her she’s never felt before which makes her wonder if maybe Cody is the one. Yet through all the feelings she gets from Cody something about him reminds her of a man she sees in her dreams. Not just any man but one who makes her feel loved and cherished. Can she trust Cody?

This is the first I have read from Adrienne Staff and have to say she piqued my interest. I loved that you have Cody who has dealt with heartache yet still believes in love. Then you have Carol who just wants to be loved yet is still afraid of letting her heart fall. The story line was strong and though there were times where it faltered a little it picked up right away. The secondary characters were great to read about. And you can see how in love Cody is with Carol. Adrienne Staff did a great job in bringing the mountains to life and the Cody’s past. All in all it was a good book and I definitely will keep up to date with Adrienne Staff.

Book Blurb for Dream Lover

The mystical allure of the Arizona desert—and a rugged, sexy tour guide—bring hope and happiness to a woman haunted by tragedy in this romance from Adrienne Staff.

All hotel manager Carol Lawson wants from her new life in Carefree, Arizona, is to stay busy. Work and more work keep regrets from flooding back. But from the moment tall, dark, and delicious Cody Briggs strides into her life, Carol feels a little reckless. He is a vision out of her dreams—a powerful renegade determined to awaken her senses and heal her broken spirit.

Cody knows what it’s like to feel betrayed by life. A renowned archeologist who refused to trade integrity for profit, he’s faced his demons. But he understands the healing power of this breathtaking land—and in Carol’s timeless beauty and sensuality, he sees the perfect woman to share it with. Can ecstasy bring Carol to the point of no return,where a leap of faith promises a love that is destiny?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2012 4.00