Double the Heat

Hart and Soul by Lori Foster

Hart Winston has had many women in his life but one he regrets the most is Lisa Vogle. He has known Lisa for so long and never expected her to trap him. Yet something about her intrigues him like no other woman has done before. Lisa is the opposite of everyone and very opinionated. One night changes everything for him. A night filled will sin, temptation fulfilled yet a life with Lisa is one adventure he is ready to embark on.

Breaking the Ice by Deirdre Martin

Lennie has huge dreams she hopes to be succeed at. Coming to New York is one big adventure, one she hated to do but she just had to. In order to be a great fashion designer she has to make sacrifices. New York is of course the place to be in fashion design but her heart is at home. Yet Sebastian is making it easy for her. The thing is that she is unsure she is the right woman for him in so many ways. Can she prove to him that they belong together even if it is under pretense?

Double Booked by Elizabeth Bevarly

Amanda Bingham is a workaholic and knows she works very hard every day. Everybody around her tells her to take a much-needed vacation. So it comes as a huge surprise that the one time she listens to everybody else Max Callahan enters her life. He has been a thorn in her side since high school and hates that she finds him attractive. Something about Max makes her wonder how bad would it be to just let loose. Can she do it?

Original Zin by Christie Ridgway

John Henry has no idea how to relax. His sisters and even doctor says either rest or die. John knows he’s heading the wrong way just like his father. Yet his whole life is centered on work. He has no idea or where to start in taking time for himself. Meeting Zinnia though has sparked something in his life. For once he wants to have fun and something about Zinnia is the key to letting go. Can he prove to Zinnia though that his love is real?

Ah Double the Heat is definitely titled correctly. You sure get that in each of the stories in this book. These best-selling authors all come together to create stories about double the pleasure and men who are willing to do it. Each author’s story was wonderful and filled with comedy, sex and man hot guys to tempt you beyond anything. Kudos to all the authors! They have each produced a story that makes this anthology unforgettable.

Book Blurb for Double the Heat

Sizzling all-new stories, including a brand new Winston novella from New York Times bestselling author Lori Foster.

New York Times bestselling sensations Lori Foster and Deirdre Martin and USA Today bestselling authors Elizabeth Bevarly and Christie Ridgway join together for this enticing anthology. With authors like this, readers get double the pleasure and double the heat. In these four sexy stories of mixed-up couples and mistaken identities, it's not about winning, but how much you like to play.

With a brand-new novella featuring Hart Winston, whose switch with his identically hot twin brother has landed him in some serious foul play, it's a safe bet that in the game of love no one is going to follow the rules.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2010 4.50