Double Dare

Naughty Games, Book Three

Paige Reyes hates Shane Oxley. He said he was her best friend and that he would never hurt her. Yet just like any man he did hurt her. She knew coming to his birthday party was a huge mistake but friends are important to her. It is because of them that she is attending the party and wishing she was somewhere else. She knew when she went to help him three years ago it was a mistake. Yet something about Shane attracted her and it was more than friendship. Games were always her thing but this is one game she knows she is going to lose.
Shane Oxley is rich, handsome and knows he can get whatever he wants with a snap of his finger. Only thing is there is one woman that he never got because of his stupidity. Friends are important to him and losing Paige hurt him. Having her walk away from him three years ago tore him apart and now he has only one chance to make her his again. He knows he has a lot to explain to her but is afraid of losing her again once the truth is out. Can he play another game with her without losing his heart again?
One word to describe Lena Matthew’s book is WOW. Yes wow from the beginning to the end. Shane is definitely a sexy guy and thinks he can get anything he wants. Paige knows that if she gets near Shane her heart wouldn’t be able to handle it again. I loved these two and oh my god the passion between them was scintillating. Lena definitely has a winner here. Yes friendship is important but friendship with passion is a whole lot better especially with a man like Shane. Double Dare is in one word - HOT.

Book Blurb for Double Dare

Paige Reyes is going to kill Shane Oxley if it’s the last thing she does. Not only did the cold-hearted blackmailer force her to attend his thirtieth birthday party, he used her love for her brother to do it, giving her just one more reason to dislike him. Not that she needed it.
No matter how justified Paige’s reasons are for avoiding him, Shane refuses to be without her for another second. Thanks to a risky game of Double Dare three years ago, Shane made the biggest mistake of his life and lost Paige in the process. Now all he wants is an opportunity to make it right again.
The birthday surprise is on Paige though. If Shane only has one chance with her, then he’s going to do everything he can to change her heart. The gloves are off and everything is fair game.


Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2009 5.00