Don't Close Your Eyes

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Don't Close Your Eyes

The Angel of Death is back and has one goal: to get Meagan. He leaves a silk Hermes scarf and knows the last one he has is special for it will go to his Meagan. She escaped, alive something that the Angel of Death never expected. This time the Angel of Death will get his woman, dead preferably.

Meagan has known that the Angel of Death didn't die. The Angel of Death is occurring again, she knows that her life is in danger. She is not the only one who knows that he is alive for her daughter knows as well. You see Meagan has a unique power, one that she has never wanted in the first place. This gift has made her into a medium, but no one told her about the heartache that comes with this power. She has had only one man in her life, a workaholic of all things, yet in his arms she felt for the first time safe. Meagan knows that Jack will always be there for her but wonders if his job will always come first between them. The Angel of Death is near and this time. Meagan knows he won't stop until all the ones she loves are dead. Can she protect herself and not feel love this time?

Jack has never forgotten about Meagan. Though he stayed with his job he always felt that there was something he could have done to keep Meagan in his life. His first case was not something he would ever forget. Years ago he promised Meagan that he would protect her at any cost from the Angel of Death. Now with the Angel of Death killing again he knows that she is in danger. Can he get to Meagan in time? What's surprising is that the Angel of Death died years ago yet someone is killing again using the same way the first Angel of Death did. Can Jack find the real Angel of Death and protect Meagan?

Mary Eason knows suspense and this is one you got to read. I was hooked from the first chapter. The author has a way with words and the story coming to life. Each chapter I read she makes you question did the Angel really die the first time. I was entranced in each chapter and felt for Meagan. Here is a woman who has this unique gift but is afraid of ending up like her mother letting it control her. Jack is a man who loves only one time and his great love is Meagan. These two are great for each other yet must find a way to be there for one another when the Angel of Death is set to kill. Loved it.

Book Blurb for Don't Close Your Eyes

Megan Beaumont's psychic powers allow her to witness the unimaginable pain inflicted by the Angel of Death serial killer on his victims, and it almost costs Megan her life when she becomes the Angel's final victim.

Now, six years later, FBI Agent Jack Montgomery has no idea his love affair with Megan resulted in a child, until a killer copying the Angel of Death's MO resurfaces and he turns to the one woman he never stopped loving for help.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2007 4.00