Diamond Lady

Contemporary Erotic

How can you compare to your beautiful sister who has everything even now and an upcoming wedding? That is something that Anna Beloit doesn't know. All her life she has worked hard, been sheltered, safe and has never experience life. Her whole life is centered on books. She loves to read and even manages a bookstore. In books she is swept off her feet, ravished by virile men and most of all is loved unconditionally. Something that is missing from her real life and sad to say she has never fallen in love. Everything changes when she meets Dominic Fellini.

Here is a man that conjures up all the sexual fantasies she has dreamt of but has been afraid to try. In his arms she feels safe yet she doesn't know that much about him. All Anna knows is that Dominic is so better than what she's read about in her erotic books. One night is all it takes to live out half her fantasies but can they even have a relationship outside his boat of seduction. From afar she was afraid of this stranger but now that she has seen how he lives and felt his touch and she wants more. Can she trust him with her heart? Can she be the next Diamond Lady?

Night is a time when anything can happen and boy does it ever with Anna Beloit and Dominic Fellini. She has read about sex, bondage and lust in her books but never thought she would experience it. Her beautiful sister has always overshadowed Anna. She thinks, who would want a plain woman like her?

I loved that Desiree Holt created this gorgeous guy to coax Anna out of the books and into a world of seduction and passion. For a short book of 43 pages Diamond Lady was hot and definitely a quickie for kept my attention all the way.

Book Blurb for Diamond Lady

Anna Beloit lived sexual adventures vicariously through the books she read in her bookstore. But she was tired of experiencing life only on paper, tired of the routine she lived, tired of the boring men who had no idea what eroticism was. She wanted a grand adventure that would fulfill her erotic fantasies.

An expert in the art of sensual love, wealthy, powerful Dominic Fellini could have any woman he wanted. From the moment he spotted Anna he wanted to claim her, to teach her the sexual heights she could achieve with him. Then fate and her sister's wedding brought them together and in one night Dominic took her on the sexual ride of her life. But would one night be enough for these two lovers?


Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 4.75