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Do you believe in myths? If not you will once you read a book by Melina Morel for this is an author who brings a myth to life, one that might scare you when you start reading the book.

Paul DuJardin is a writer who partners with a Hunter name Catherine. Together these two hunt down a man who centuries ago had a family that murdered hundreds of people. Pierre Montford is the last of his family and must be taken down. He is a wolf, one that is on the brink of adulthood ready to kill without a thought. It is Paul and Catherine's job to see that this man is killed before another victim falls prey to his hunger again. Along with them is a vampire, Ian who for the first time has found love again since this monster's ancestor murdered his wife decades ago.

Three people who all share a somewhat history together must see that this legend is destroyed. It all started with a book, a book that has just provoked the biggest, baddest wolf to come out of hiding. Can they get the wolf before he kills again?

Myths, legends and ancestors all come to life in this wonderful book Melina Morel. This is the first I have read from this author and I have to say it was great. It was intriguing how a writer, Paul DuJardin, wrote a book years ago about a legend that the Montford family were werewolves but never were able to capture one to prove to everybody that it was true. With Catherine and Ian, a hunter and a vampire, these three people all work together to capture the last key they need to destroy this Montford Clan. I loved the whole action, suspense in getting the wolf out of hiding. Although, readers do beware there are some gruesome scenes but the writer has a very imaginative mind to pull it all off without making the whole book murder after murder. Devour is a brilliant, imaginative and exhilarating paranormal romance with kick ass heroes, vampires and oh yes a beast that must be killed.

Book Blurb for Devour

DEVOUR is the story of the last Montfort werewolf, a creature famous in the folklore of his native France and heir to a tangled history of savagery and turmoil. The last of the line, Pierre de Montfort, jeweler to the wealthy and the famous, is unaware of any problems in his successful life until the day he learns a French writer has arrived in New York to publicize his new book - about the Montfort werewolves. Feeling as if his whole life and all its secrets might be put on display for the world to see, Pierre reacts, and the newfound stress pushes him over the edge and into a spectacular career as the latest Montfort werewolf, aroused and relentless. The whole metropolitan area is his hunting field, and the hunters are just as determined as their prey. They will track him, bring him down, and rid the world of the last of the breed. Or die trying.

Hunting Pierre is Paul DuJardin, an expert from Geneva's Institut Scientifique, who is also an accomplished author. Catherine Marais, his partner is just as deadly and has eliminated many werewolves in her career. Aside from her exploits in the field, Catherine is an aristocrat engaged in a long-term love affair with Ian Morgan, one of Manhattan's most elegant and weathy vampires, a man of mystery who is as passionate about terminating the last Montfort as he is about his desire for his beautiful mistress. Julie Buchanan is friendly with all of them - especially Paul - and has a troubling link to the Montforts that even she is unaware of. What happens to them all is more than they ever planned.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2008 4.00