Devil's Kitchen

Kristina is a young woman who has known for quite some time that Roman is the man for her. The problem is she is rich, an heiress and he is her bodyguard. Roman thinks he is beneath her yet that doesn’t stop the erotic fantasies he has had of her for the past seven years. Each kidnapping attempt he is there protecting her like no other bodyguard has done before. Kristina wants him in her life but there are hidden secrets. The latest attempt on her life is one that will test her love for him. Can she get past this and show him that she is the one for him for all eternity?
Roman is good at his job and takes great care in keeping his identity a secret. Yet with Kristina he is unable to hold his control most of the times. Seven years ago he came to work for her father and since then has been in love with her. He knows the love he has for her is impossible but he wants her. Kristina doesn’t know about him, his real identity or the fact why he must stay in control with her. Secret rendezvous’ with her is all he can have. Or is it? Can he rescue her from the latest kidnapping without showing his true self towards her?
One word for this book is wow. Calista sure knows how to pack a paranormal with passion, secrets and the thought of fear from a lover’s face. These two are perfect for each other. You will feel for Kristina when she finds out about Roman. Yet when these two are together watch out. I read it twice for that is how good and hot this book is. Congrats Calista for creating a hero who fights himself to remain in control yet one kiss breaks him. Loved it.

Book Blurb for Devil's Kitchen

Heiress Kristina thinks she’s about to suffer a fate worse than death when her father attempts to marry her off to her childhood nemesis. But Kristina knows nothing of the real troubles that await her.

Using every seductive means of persuasion, she hopes to convince her sexy bodyguard and secret lover, Roman, to rescue her. Roman will do everything to keep Kristina out of another man’s arms—and bed. But his past has finally caught up with him, putting Kristina’s life in grave danger.

In order to save her, Roman must reveal his dark nature to Kristina. And risk losing her heart in the process.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2009 4.50