Delicious Danger

Book 3 in the Phoenix Agency

Desiree Holt is back in her Phoenix Agency series with a new twist on the psychic world.

In this book you meet Kelly Monroe who is your average woman with a normal job but not everything in her life is normal. She has an Ovcharka by the name of Xena. Just like the warrior princess this Xena protects her owner and guards her like well a good trained dog. The saying of dogs being best friends rings true in this book. Xena knows when there is danger not only for Kelly but her potential mate. Kelly never expected Xena to take such a great liking towards Rick Latrobe. He is everything that makes her feel womanly and craves his kisses. Danger is near Rick to the point where Xena won't let Kelly go far from Rick for one moment. Can Xena find the real killer before her owner and destined mate Kelly are dead?

Rick Latrobe has no idea who wants him dead but something is nagging him in the back of his head. He's been in the Phoenix Agency for so long he knows he has made enemies. Someone out there wants him dead for good but why Kelly is something he ponders. Kelly is opposite of the women he has met before. She is wholesome, beautiful and knows how to use a gun better than him. Rick is confused about Kelly's part in this whole thing. He only knows that he can't see life anymore without her. Xena, now that is a dog that Rick will have by his side anytime on the job. This is the first that he has seen a dog with psi powers, which boggles his mind. He wonders why Kelly has never told anyone about the dog. Can Rick figure out who the killer is before Kelly and Xena are hurt?

Okay I jumped up and down when I found out Desiree finally had the third installment of this wonderful series done. I've been through this series since Always on my Mind and have loved every bit. We first learn of Rick in Visions of Darkness but finally know more about what makes him tick in this one. He's always been on the move, always in danger but never so afraid for someone else as he is with Kelly Monroe. This woman is so like him that it scares him. It scares him that she could mean so much to him in such a short time. Not only has Kelly gone to his heart but also Xena. Here is a dog he has never seen before. These three were great characters. I encourage to pick-up this book and find out how great Desiree Holt's writing is.

Book Blurb for Delicious Danger

Kelly was shocked when her Caucasian Ovcharka, Xena, bonded with Rick Latrobe. The dogs are known for linking with only their owners. She’s even more shocked at the intense sexual heat that sizzles between her and Rick. When she tumbles into bed with him at the very first opportunity, experiencing a night of erotic bliss in his arms, she knows they have something special.

But Xena is very much aware when an attempt is made on Rick’s life, and the dog drives Kelly crazy with signals of danger. Rick is nearly killed and Kelly and Xena are ferried to the secret clinic where he’s recovering. As Rick heals and they race to find the mastermind behind the attempted murder, the lust between them heats to the boiling point.

Publisher’s Note: You just can’t keep a good story down. Previously published as Scent of Danger with The Lotus Circle and then Cerridwen Press, this book has been revised and the bedroom door opened for Ellora’s Cave.  

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2009 4.00