Death by Delilah

Delilah Mills is in trouble. She just moved in with her best friend who has a brother that is not only gorgeous but she has secretly lusted for him for years. Delilah knows it is wrong since she just enlisted in the Navy and Joshua already works as an officer in the same department as her. Something about him makes her all hot and bothered yet she cannot control the fantasies he has starred in lately. She is not the only one who thinks they will make a perfect couple. There is another Delilah who thinks she will be perfect for Joshua. The thing is the attempts they do to get her and Joshua together are hilarious. Can she go and betray the Navy for a man who might not want her? One minute she thinks he might be into her but then she is confused by his friendship. Will both Delilah's get what they have been looking for?

Joshua Sparks has just gotten his dream come to life. Well in a friendly way. He finally got his dream woman to move in with him, and his sister. Everything would be okay if only he knew how Delilah felt about him. She has been in his dreams and fantasies for so long he is not sure what to do with her being nearby all the time. She is his forbidden temptation for he knows if the Naval Office where they both work find out about their sexual love their career will be over. Joshua knows they are great friends but can he take the plunge to betray the Navy for a woman who he has loved for so long.

Oh my god Ashlyn Chase wrote such a quick, hilarious yet hot book that is so worth reading. I couldn't put it down as soon as I started reading it. I loved that Delilah finally has a chance to experience real love yet because of her career is afraid. Now the Navy, well it is a big thing but Joshua is one hot man definitely not worth throwing away. Both Delilah and Joshua were great to read but I think I liked the other Delilah. She was funny, sometimes over protective of her family but the stunts she pulls are a hoot. Can't wait for more from Ashlyn Chase and her paranormal mind.

Book Blurb for Death by Delilah

Delilah Mills, Navy enlisted, is on the verge of finding true love. All she needs is a little push, or so her grandmother believes. The elder Delilah can't resist the urge to meddle — even if she's a ghost and her influence is limited.

Joshua Sparks, a naval officer attracted to Delilah since their teens, discovers the crush has been mutual all these years. Back then, he let her mixed race and his parents stop him. Now, the Navy says they can't date. One night they throw caution to the winds and not only can't undo what they did, but don't want to.

Can two Navy lovers, equal in resolve but not in rank, secretly live together off base, without discovery causing one of them to be transferred to the Middle East?

Publisher Note: A shorter version of this book was previously published elsewhere under the same title.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 4.75