Deadly Climb

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Deadly Climb

Book Length: Plus Novel

Deputy Marshall Laura Killen was the best in her field and everything changed one night. Laura could climb anything without fear and any doubts. Now months later she is trying to overcome her fears when John MacLean kidnaps her. She is not sure how she could help him but John will do anything he can to keep her. Laura is the only one who can help John in protecting his nephew. Everybody thought he was dead so did Laura. She doesn't want anyone to know about her fear of heights but every time she is near John he makes her feel adventurous like she used to be. Engaged to someone else she is not sure why she feels this deep sexual attraction to John her kidnapper. One thing for sure is that she must keep her heart intact from this man. Can she do it?

Laura Killen is John's only hope in protecting his nephew. Ever since he witnessed his parent's death his nephew has not spoken or been the same little funny boy he used to be. All he keeps saying is Laura's name. Somehow he knows that she is the key to break the silence in him. Someone wants him and his nephew dead but nobody told him about the attraction he feels towards Laura. Something about her makes him dream of the impossible of a woman to love him and nights with her. Though he kidnapped her he has secrets of his own that he knows once Laura finds out she might hate him. Can he make his dream come true of a woman to love him? Can Laura overcome her fears of heights?

This is the second I have read of Teri Thackston and must say she gets better with each story. The first chapter alone of seeing the job Laura works in, the extreme heights she goes into each day at the job was exhilarating. Then you feel the pain she goes through of losing the one thing she loved the most, climbing, was tough. You can feel for each character in this book. Teri did a beautiful job in showing how far one man will go to protect his loved one. I loved the whole story and seeing Laura trying to remain strong when inside she is breaking from losing the one thing she loved to do. The book had it all from the beginning, suspense, action, love and yes even betrayal that made it a huge 5 rated book for this reviewer. Awesome.

Book Blurb for Deadly Climb

Traumatized by a fall off a Manhattan high-rise, Deputy Marshal Laura Killen hasn't left her home in nine months. A former ace mountain climber, now she can't even face the two flights of stairs leading down from her apartment.

John MacLean doesn't care about her fear. Confronting her at gunpoint, he demands that she help him protect his nephew Ryan from the mobster who killed Ryan's parents. Suspecting that John may be the real killer, Laura finds the courage to go with him for Ryan's sake.

But snipers in an unmarked helicopter, murderous thugs on a train and leaks from someone at her headquarters convince Laura that John is no threat to Ryan. He is, however, a threat to her reawakening heart. As danger forces them to rely on each other, trust—and something more—begins to develop.

Pursued by killers, they finally reach Ryan's hideaway at a mountain lodge in Wyoming's Teton Wilderness. There Laura must face her fear of heights to save the man and child she loves.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2007 5.00