Vivian's Return

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Vivian's Return

Go Get 'em Women, #1

Paul is a certified pilot and does rescue jobs in a heartbeat. It is because of this impulsiveness that made him lose the best thing in his life, Vivian Galloway. For years they were inseparable always going and doing things together. Everybody in town knew that Vivian and Paul belonged to one another. Vivian knows that Paul leads a dangerous life going out to the rescues and always held her words inside. Tired of sitting back seeing him go out to one danger and then onto another she leaves. Knowing that it was the biggest mistake she has done in her life Paul bides his time. He knows that she has a good reason but wants her back in his life. Seeing her again is like a second chance for him. The thing is that even though she was always wild and adventurous he can’t imagine putting her life in danger. He knows that she needs freedom but can he put his heart on the line again?

Vivian has always loved Paul and felt like she found her soul mate. Paul was the only one who really understood her. Since the death of her parents Paul has always been there for her. With Paul she could be normal and not worry about being different. She found the one but Paul wants her safe at all times. This is something she can’t abide because with Paul she wants be adventurous and daredevil like him. Paul doesn’t understand her thinking but knows that one more year away from him is breaking her heart. Search and rescue is his thing and she knows he will always put his life in danger but Vivian wants more. Can she make him see that he doesn’t need danger that all they need is one another?

Tracey Cooper-Posey rocks in this book and I’m glad to see it come to life again. I loved Paul and Vivian. This is one girl who doesn’t fear danger or adventure. Paul is definitely her other half for these two just belong together. I loved that Vivian put herself in danger everyday but when it comes to Paul she is afraid. Paul is the one man who makes her fear living. I loved that these two completed each other and it was heartbreaking to see them at odds. The author did a great job with these two and can’t wait for more of her talented work.

Book Blurb for Vivian's Return

Seven years ago she left, abruptly. Why is she now back?

For five years Vivian and Paul were together, constantly challenging each other to greater and more daring feats. Paul flew helicopters and often helped in sea searches and rescues. Vivien won championships in all the dangerous sports—windsurfing, scuba diving, rock climbing, and flying. Through it all, Paul was right there beside her.

Until suddenly and without explanation, after a sea rescue that went horribly wrong, Vivien left town.

Seven years have passed and Vivien has returned. Why is she back? And what will happen when she meets Paul?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2009 4.50