Dance of Seduction

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Dance of Seduction

Lizzy has been through so much in her life and meeting Beck is one surprise she never expected in her life. As a dance instructor she knows it is wrong to mix business with pleasure. With Beck she does not feel like an instructor but for the first time as a woman. He brings out sexual desires in her that no other person has done before. Can she continue to teach Beck to help him with his fianc‚e even though she is attracted to him?

Beck has for the first time fallen in love. The problem is that it is not to his fianc‚e. When a friend of his advised him that the only way to impress his fianc‚e was to dance he never thought he would be meeting the woman of his dreams. Lizzy is everything he has been looking for but is confused about the whole thing. Can he continue the dance lessons with the woman of his dreams to impress his fianc‚e?

Okay I really thought this book would be something more. It had a great title, catchy and made me intrigued to see what would happen. Unfortunately, disappointing comes to mind for it is only 17 pages. It starts right into it with them in a dance session then jumps quickly to their Beck and his fiancee's engagement party. There's no real story line going just that yes they are attracted but that is it. I mean I would have liked to know more about Beck, Lizzy and how she became a dance instructor. I did find that the instant attraction they had between each other was good. The author did create characters that were right but would have been better if it were longer.

Book Blurb for Dance of Seduction

Lizzy is a legend on the dance circuit, but when it comes to socializing with the upper class elite, she soon finds out that if she's going to Tango with the rich, she better have a strong partner.

Beck is looking to impress his girlfriend with his new dancing ability. In the process of learning a step by step routine with his sexy instructor, Beck finds that dancing and seduction go hand in hand. He's falling in love with Lizzy and suddenly, marrying a woman for the benefit of his family's social status just doesn't seem as important as marrying for love.

Will Lizzy and Beck's dance floor seduction lead to happily ever after? Or will Beck cave to his family's wishes and marry for money?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2007 2.00