Cutting Loose

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Cutting Loose

Working with animals is great but for Miranda Harper, but it is controlling her life. Somehow she has forgotten about her love life. The only man she came close to thinking about having is her sister's boss, ex-jock Gary Staunton. Something about him makes her feels clumsy and remembering the heartache of the last man she dated before years ago. Miranda vowed she wouldn't fall for any guy again and has concentrated on her work instead. Yet he is the one man that she would be willing to throwing everything out of the wind for one wild adventure with him. Can she do it?

Gary Staunton has had it with people who play matchmaker in his life especially a woman like Danielle, Miranda's nosy sister. He wants someone to want him and not because he used to be a famous football player. Ever since the accident years ago his whole life has been centered on his advertising program but one look at Miranda and everything flew out of the wind. When she propositions him about the wild adventure she promised her sister she would have, he vowed he would be just the right person to give her that adventure. What he didn't count on was the sexual chemistry between them. The chemistry is strong and she is different from the other women. Can he go through this wild adventure without losing his heart to a woman who works with apes and chimpanzees?

There is adventure, romance and comedy all in one book from Lise Fuller. I fell in love with both characters, Gary and Miranda. Gary is a man that has been through so much yet with Miranda he is different from his tone, attitude and oh yes for the first time is shocked by a woman who doesn't care about his tragedy. Now Miranda here is a woman who definitely needs to get more action than just working all the time. These characters are great towards each other and the passion between them is hot. Cutting Loose is just the right title and Lise Fuller has a hit with this book.

Book Blurb for Cutting Loose

Once Burned…

Reserved zoologist Miranda Harper would do anything to avoid dating a jock, especially the self-absorbed athletes sent by her wilder young sister, Danielle. Yet when the zoo's administrator threatens to sell her favorite chimp, Mira needs the clout only her sister's ad agency can bring. Dani agrees — with a catch long enough to make a wide receiver proud. Mira must run wild with her for seven full days and lend her voice to a new commercial. Problem is, Mira has to work with Dani's ex-pro football-playing boss, a man she's determined to avoid yet who fires her libido like no other. When her sister entrusts the job of "going wild" to her hunky boss, heat broils between them, and Mira is forced to face her greatest torment — her latent sexuality.

Twice Shy…

Gary Staunton's biggest deal to date depends on the Mira's sexy voice. But his concentration with the job shatters around her and his desire for her lush body leads him astray. He's damaged property. She deserves better. But when Mira switches the deal from platonic involvement to passionate encounter, Gary can't resist temptation, risking the future of his firm — and his ego.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2007 4.00