Cowboys Make Better Lovers

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Cowboys Make Better Lovers

SexualContent : (V) Very Sensual

Sarah Collins is engaged to another man, one who is stable, reliable, and not a cowboy-sexy as sin- man like Raif Manning. Even though she is engaged Sarah cannot find out a sane reason why she is sexually and instantly attracted to him. All she knows is that her nephews need her and even though she is a city girl she knows that she is not ready for a family especially two little boys growing so fast. She knows to him that she must look like she can't do country life but the more she is around Raif Sarah starts to wonder that maybe her high-powered condo and stuffy job seem to stale and mundane. One kiss changes everything and now she is more confused than ever. Can she just go back to her dull, no fun work life and leave Raif with her nephews?

Raif Manning has led an entertaining life as a carefree bachelor but everything changes when his brother dies. Now with two little kids that depend on him he changes easily but to some people his new change is hard to digest especially for Sarah Collins. He knows that he led a wild and sexual life but he was having fun in his bachelor life. Now that he has seen her he is not sure he can let her go that easily. Raif knows that the life she led before coming for her nephews was not fun or the life she expected to lead. Can he convince her that cowboys are better lovers than a stuffy, older businessman her father chose for her?

Wow I loved this book and yes Kelly Wallace definitely knows her cowboys. Raif is all cowboy from one look of his and even though he's a bachelor he loves his nephews greatly. I loved the fact that even though Sarah kept pushing him about his wild days he never strayed and jumped to other women but showed her that he was all man for her. Now Sarah she was hard to like but once you read more of her you can see all she needs is a man to really love her like Raif. I loved it and can't wait for more of Kelly's books.

Book Blurb for Cowboys Make Better Lovers

When Sarah Collins loses her only sister in a car accident, she's surprised to learn that guardianship of her two nephews and infant niece has fallen equally to her and her brother-in-law. Sarah's not ready to be a parent, but can she trust playboy Raif Manning to do the job?

Raif, an illustrious photographer, is ready, willing, and eager to give up his wild bachelor lifestyle. He's just purchased an old, rundown farmhouse in Kansas and his number one priority is to restore it as the perfect place to raise his new family. Raif knows that he has to have a proper home for the kids if he's going to convince Sarah to give him sole custody.

But when Sarah shows up on Raif's doorstep he's completely unprepared. The house is in shambles, the kids are running amuck, and what's worse? As soon as Raif gets an eyeful of the sexy Sarah with her sassy attitude and completely transparent suit of armor, he falls hard and fast. Little does Raif realize that while he's trying to find a way to lure Sarah into bed, she's finding her way into Raif's heart and helping him realize his dreams.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2007 5.00