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Stand Alone but it is the 2nd of a trilogy

Sherri Maroni needs freedom. She is desperate to run away from the pain and love. Well she thought it was love but her marriage was more like a prison. Each day she prays for one more day of life. A life where there is no pain, bruises and maybe for a way out. Sherri knows that a man who will protect and love her truly doesn’t exist, especially in her life. Yet when she rents John’s guest room she is confused. Where was he when she married her ex-husband? All these years she lived in fear and in pain. Then John appears. He is everything she had dreamed of before her marriage. Her ex-husband has eluded her mind with nothing but unhappiness and no hope of ever breaking free from his hold. Can she runaway from the fear, pain and the violence for a future with John?

John has shielded his heart from women. Ever since he failed with protecting Amy, a close friend of his, he feels like he needs to protect everyone he can. When Sherri enters his life, to rent his place, he feels like the air got kicked out of him. Not only does he want to help her, but he wants to win her trust and love. He knows very little of her but knows for a fact that she is a woman who has seen and felt pain in her life. More than ever he wants more than her trust and a life with her forever. Her deadbeat of a husband is still hounding her and hurting her. John knows Sherri belongs in his life and he will do everything he can to not fail her like he did with Amy. Can John prove to Sherri that they belong together and that everyone around her does not die?

Sherri and John are two people who just like the title combust with so much sexual chemistry it blows your mind away. These two are perfect for each other it is hurt to see them separate. Sherri needs a man like John to show her that true romance and love do still exist. John is like your modern day knight in shining armor. He will protect Sherri as much as he can even if it means sacrificing his own life.

I loved Combustion and applaud Rebecca Savage for an awesome piece of fiction. Combustion is definitely a recommended read and top pick.

Book Blurb for Combustion

Sherri’s heart is a frozen block of ice after what her spouse has done to her. She needs a place of rest, a safe haven, away from the long armed reach of her soon-to-be-ex-husband. He abused her, and she escaped. Now he wants her back, and he’s stalking her, threatening her, promising she’ll not live if she doesn’t return to him. He’s wealthy and powerful, and he’ll accept no betrayal from someone who thinks she can leave him unscathed. She changes her identity and goes in search of a new home, and a brighter future. She finds one, in a rental unit owned by John.
John is a fireman. He’s seen people in Sherri’s position before. He despises men who abuse women. He lost a woman to just such a man. He’ll not let anyone hurt Sherri. She’s too beautiful, and he’s falling too hard, too fast. He vows to protect her to the end.           
This book was the #1 bestseller with this publisher for the month of June 2009.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2009 5.00