Chasing Shadows

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Chasing Shadows

The Shadow series, #2

Heidi Aston expected many things when she would go in labor. The birth of her new baby, seeing her eyes opens for the first time and holding her little hands. What she didn’t expect was to see her ex-husband of months Joseph Aston. Nine months ago to be exact Joseph left without any explanation leaving her unloved and afraid. What should have been a time of rejoicing just turned into a life of hell. She tries so hard to not fall for Joe again without any explanation of his abandonment. All Heidi knows is that with his appearance her newborn is kidnapped. After years of sadness she finally has the bundle of joy and because of Joe she has lost her. Can Joe give her a good reason where he’s been? Can Heidi ever forgive Joe again?

Joe Aston is a good man but also a generous friend. He looks out for those he loves and right now Heidi is the main one in his life. He never expected their reunion to be on the day of his daughter’s birth. A daughter he never knew that she was expecting in the first place. Now that he is back he wants them to be together as a family but someone from his past wants him dead. Joe didn’t expect the people to go as far as kidnapping his newborn and making Heidi question his role as a father. He knows he’s got a long way to go until Heidi forgives him and loves him again. Can he find his daughter before it is too late?

Lauren Hope has done it again with this fascinating suspense story. From the beginning she pulls you into Heidi and Joe’s story. What happened to Joe? Why the separation? I loved that Heidi kept denying the attraction was there but she was so into Joe again. Now here is a man who so still in love with his wife that he will do anything he can to get her back. These weren’t your usual evil guys, which Lauren did a great job in bringing to life. This is definitely a book everyone should read, definitely recommended from this reviewer.

Book Blurb for Chasing Shadows

Heidi Aston is as surprised as anyone when her husband, who’s been mysteriously gone for months, shows up in the delivery room just as she’s giving birth to their baby. A baby he didn’t even know existed.

When newborn Lilly is brutally kidnapped days later, Heidi is given no choice but to join forces with her estranged husband, Joseph, in a wild and terrifying journey to find their baby. In time, Heidi finds that Joseph’s absence was not only mysterious but suspicious, as well. And to top it all off, they are dealing with one unorthodox kidnapper.

As two lost hearts and souls search for love again, as well as their newborn child, their journey will take all the courage they can muster for there to be any hope of reigniting their romance or getting their four-day-old infant back alive.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2009 5.00