Catch Me

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Catch Me

Maggie Bullock will do anything for her father. Lately though she is going to extremes to make sure her father gets the care he needs. Now by extreme I mean she is doing what no woman should be doing and that is robbery. Maggie knows she is probably going to hell but nothing will change her mind. Nope not even a bounty hunter like Dean Collier who is set on capturing her. She expected the law to come get her but never a man that gets her sexually aroused like Dean. He is everything she would have wished for if her life hadn’t turned upside down. Maggie knows the banker did her father wrong and it is up to her to make things right no matter the consequences. Can she outmaneuver a man like Dean?

As a bounty hunter Dean Collier takes any job that pays him good money. However, this is not just a job to him but a chance to finally settle down. The banker told him the robber was sly, smart and out bested him. What he didn’t tell him is that it was a woman like Maggie Bullock. He’s captured many villains but none as sexy as sin like Maggie. He has no idea why a woman like her will take on stealing as a life but knows she is hiding something in her beautiful head. Hunting Maggie down not only changes his whole life but something about this woman gets under his skin. Can he capture and turn her in without losing his heart?

Lorelei Brown has done it again in a historical romance that will take your breath away. I loved that she created this woman who is not afraid of taking the law into her hands. Then you have a bounty hunter like Dean Collier who wants to be more than just a bounty hunter. Together these two sizzle and yet deny the attraction between them. The more they are together and fight together you can see how right they are for each other. This is definitely a book worth reading for Lorelei Brown doesn’t disappoint. You will root for Maggie in getting what she wants.

Book Blurb for Catch Me

Arizona Territory, 1882

Maggie Bullock's father needed expensive medical care and if that meant stealing from their friendly swindling banker, so be it. Once her father was on the path to recovery she would face the consequences. The whole thing was surprisingly easy until she's kidnapped by bounty hunter Dean Collier.

Collier is tired of tracking down worthless scum. He's afraid he'll lose his last scrap of humanity and become a stone-cold killer, just like the men he brings to justice. He jumps at the chance to become sheriff of Fresh Springs, Arizona. The one condition-capture Maggie.

He figured it'd be easy. Until beautiful, loyal Maggie breaks through defenses he'd thought cemented. His feelings for her run the range from fury to confusion to love, but if he doesn't bring her in someone else will. Can there be a future between a sheriff and a fugitive?

77,000 words

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2012 4.25