Can't Hide Love

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Can't Hide Love

Raine Winstead has been hurt before in love. The last man she was engaged to only wanted her because to him she was his ticket to luxury and riches. Tired of going out with men her mother picks for her she goes out one night on her birthday for an evening of hot sex with a stranger. Right now Raine doesn't care who he is just as long as she experiences one night of memorable passion. She knows there is a man out there who can give her the big "O". The thing is going into a bar dressed up for sex was her idea but once she actually finds a guy she is afraid. Something about Jack Bugalli doesn't scream just anonymous sex. Not only is this guy perfect but his kisses and touch are making Raine yearn for more than just one night with this stranger. What started out as sex with a stranger turns into more when Raine learns she is going to be working with him with the new hospital wing. Can she just go on working with him when each time she is near him she wants him naked and to feel those strong arms around her?

Jack Bugalli has had his share of heartache but none of the women before Raine has pulled him hard into love like she has. She keeps saying that he is too much too handle for her. All he wants to show her the love she truly deserves but each time he gets near she pulls away. He knows that she is a passionate woman and that she is the one for him. Though they are working with each he knows that this is more than sex. What started as sex with a stranger has come to mean something more to him. Is Raine the woman for him or is this heartache in the making for Jack?

This is a first I have read from Alice Gaines and have to say I loved it. Raine and Jack are two people so different from each other and it's hard to hate them. Take for instance Raine. Here is a woman who has plenty of money but is afraid of giving her heart because of one man. It only takes one man to close her heart yet when it comes to Jack she is having a hard time of keeping her heart closed to falling in love again. Now Jack, talk about a determined man. I loved that he never took no for an answer and the passion between them was wow. This one was a great book and I loved it and highly recommend it. The one person I felt sorry for the most was Raine's mother, which is something you got to read about in this book. All in all this was definitely a great one and can't wait for more from this talented author.

Book Blurb for Can't Hide Love

What happens when two people come down on the wrong side in the battle of the sexes? After a disastrous engagement, Raine Winstead wants nothing more than anonymous sex. Unfortunately, she chooses as her victim the most traditional of men. Jack Bugalli believes in love, marriage and family.

Jack has found the woman of his dreams, he just has to learn that a strong man doesn't always have all the answers…

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 5.00