Cam's Holiday

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Cam's Holiday

Book seven of the Cougar Challenge series.

Cam has always loved her friends that she met at RomanticCon. Yet right now she hates them for the challenge they created. She knows she is not the same woman she used to be when she started dating. No instead she has cellulite and a few extra pounds. Cam has no idea then why Lee Holiday is interested in her. He is hot, sexy and virile she is afraid she will die from sexual ecstasy. Her ex-husband really did a number on her in the sex department. Cam thought she knew everything about sex and the various positions but man Lee is proving her wrong. Cam has a hard time believing a man can love her. She knows he could have any woman and it scares her that he will leave someday. Can she open her heart again to a man? Can Cam like a young man like Lee who loves her for who she is?

Ah Cam’s Holiday is definitely a hot, sexy book worth reading by Ciana Stone. Once again she has created a man that is too drool for. We all know how hard it is to maintain a toned and healthy body yet with a man like Lee anything is possible. Cam has gone through so much in her life and feels no one can love her again. Her ex-husband really hurt her by belittling her. Lee is everything she would never have dreamed of having in her life. I loved that Lee complimented her in every way from routine life and sex to real love. Loved it.

Book Blurb for Cam's Holiday

Fantasies about being with a younger man? Before her husband left her for a younger model, they wouldn’t have crossed Cam’s mind, but now she has plenty. After meeting a group of ladies at RomantiCon, Cam and the women form a blog celebrating younger men—Tempt the Cougar. Then they challenge each other to find a younger man to make their fantasies come true. It’s not a husband hunt. It isn’t about love. It’s about a night of hot, steamy sex.

When Lee Holiday enters Cam’s life, he seems like the right man for the job. A personal trainer, he makes it clear he’d love to ring Cam’s bell. And ring it he does. Repeatedly. Cam’s found sexual nirvana. Only Lee’s not going to be happy with a short-term, sex-only relationship. He wants the whole nine yards and is out to prove to Cam that he’s more than just a holiday from her normal life. He’s the man of her dreams.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2010 4.50