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Seneca Houston has always wanted to be a supermodel. As a little girl she would dress up and parade herself around her family. She knows she is beautiful and smart. Nobody ever told her she was stupid.yet there is one person she has tried to form a relationship with and just can't. It is her own mother who could never understand why she wants to be a model instead of having a good professional career. Her father is the only one who understands her decision to be a model and why. As a model she has seen men who want her for her beauty and think she has no brains. Nobody knows the real Seneca as she is now the butterfly. Like a real butterfly she has come a long way but knows she still has more in life to do. Everybody wants a piece of the Butterfly but she has no idea what to do or who to go to.

Living as Butterfly she has come to see what life is really like as a model. She has had men pretend to love her but in a hurtful way. All she wanted in life was to tell her story to people. To show them the real Butterfly not the woman that made stupid mistakes in life. Through all the mistakes though she has come to realize that life as a model is not all that fun. Sure people want to be like Butterfly, the walk, the beauty but once her story is out will she still have her fans. Can she make things right in her life?

One thing about Rochelle Alers Butterfly is that she is a woman who shows us a life of another woman looking for one thing in life. Love. Here is a woman who becomes a model that everyone wants to be like but she wants to be only loved in life. I enjoyed that Seneca is a simple woman who doesn’t want much. She just wants to be a success. She was never into fame. Now the men she has in life are despicable but through it all there is Dr. Elliott. Though this is all about Seneca and her turmoil in life we see that she is also a complicated woman but with calm. This book was unusual but Rochelle did a great job in showing this beautiful woman to us and how she copes with things in a way that only Butterfly can outdo. Great job.

Book Blurb for Butterfly

BUTTERFLY is Seneca Houston's story, her rise from humble beginnings to supermodel, and then as a host of her own top-rated television talk show. Three men will play an instrumental role in her life-Luis Navarro, the unorthodox designer who credits Seneca with his meteoric rise in fashion when she elects to wear his designs on and off the runway. During an interview Luis calls Seneca his muse, "mi mariposa" or "my butterfly," and the name becomes her signature. Booth Gordon, her Svengali-like über-agent whose success in Hollywood is inextricably tied to Seneca's.  Her impending retirement from modeling fills him with paranoia and fear because he has spun a web of deceit involving his client. Unbeknownst to Seneca, he has been using her account to launder money for a drug dealer.
Renowned Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Eliot Rollins comes into her life when she's experiencing some personal crisis. Seneca's family, who have always relied on her for financial support, are growing more demanding and unappreciative of the support she is providing. They decide that selling scandalous stories  to unscrupulous publications and media outlets will provide them with huge monetary rewards. Seneca finds herself desperately fighting to maintain her  image and reputation. It will be in Dr. Rollins' arms where she will find comfort and genuine love during the tumultuous times.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2010 4.00