But Not For Love

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But Not For Love

Genre: Romance - Contemporary

Charlotte Brantley is a virgin. Hard to believe when she has been married and is now a widow. But that is the truth for she is a virgin to the world of love and romance. During her year of marriage she never experience true romance or the feeling of a lover’s touch or caress. So it comes as a surprise when for the first time she feels all hot and bothered is when she meets Professor David De Lisle. He is everything that her mother told her to stay away from. With just his look towards her and his soft words of romance he makes her feel like a woman and she wants to succumb to the forbidden world in his kisses. The more she is with him the more she gets confused about what his real actions are towards her. Growing up sheltered never prepared her for these kinds of affections. David is giving her especially her first orgasm. Can she just run and become the secluded author she has become so far or will she venture out to the open and experience more of David’s sweet kisses?

Though But Not For Love is a sweet romance and shows a woman’s true experience of finding love for the first time. I found it lacked the all-consuming romance a heroine is supposed to feel. Many times while reading it I kept seeing Charlotte pull away from the attempts of David’s love. David didn’t seem to have much of a part in the book only about Charlotte. In a way it was good to see how she reacts but I would have loved to see more of him in this book. All in all it was okay but for me it just lacked something between the characters and the story line.

Book Blurb for But Not For Love

Charlotte Brantley, at the age of thirty-six, has given up all thoughts of men or romance — for herself. The characters she creates for her books keep her busy enough that she doesn't think she needs the real-life version to complicate her nice, quiet life.

But then she meets the man she hadn't realized she'd been longing for. Edouard de Lisle is a professor at the local university whose specialty is exactly the information Charley needs. In fact, he has the answers to questions Charley hasn't even thought up yet!

With a little help from their friends — and Charley's dog Friedl — they discover the joys of collaboration.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 3.00