Burning Up

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Burning Up

Macy O’ James is a woman tainted in that she never served her punishment all those years ago. Coming back to Sugarville was a mistake yet Macy is determined to make things right. She knows she is a good person and never understood why the people in her town believed so much in rumors. Everybody always thought of her as a wild child so it was no surprise that she left with a bang with rocker Jack Savage. Life was great but she had to make things right. The only thing that keeps her here in the town is her family. She’s always been a good person and right now is the time to prove to everyone how good she is. Yet one man is making her feel bad in all the right places, fire Chief Gabriel Donovan. Macy knows Gabriel can never be with a woman like her but she can dream.

Fire chief Gabriel Donovan is a man who loves his work and women. He’s tried to be respectable but when a woman like Macy o” James comes into his life he wants to be bad. Right now he can’t let any distraction enters his life for someone is burning down buildings left and right. Gabe has no idea why a beautiful woman like Macy pretends in hiding her beauty behind costumes. He knows the town gossips and thrives on rumors but he knows Macy is definitely not the woman they describe. Gabe knows that somewhere in there is a woman who just wants to be loved and he more than ever wants to be that man. Can he be there for Macy when she needs him the most and find the person setting the fires?

Susan Andersen’s latest is not the usual romance but one of a woman trying to make things right. Macy O’ James is a woman who doesn’t dwell on the past but coming back to her home town she is tired of the way they talk about her. I loved that Macy was not afraid of anything and was willing to come back to a town she hates to help her family. Now Gabe is a man who is a strong workaholic, but also slow in getting Macy’s attention towards him. I loved the passion between them and this is definitely one Susan did a great job on.

Book Blurb for Burning Up

Though it's been years since the infamous Macy O'James stepped foot in Sugarville, Washington, everyone remembers what she supposedly did. The tiny town is still buzzing about her crime and lack of punishment.

Now back to lend her family a hand, Macy vows to hold her head high—especially at her high school reunion. But forget about the hottest man in Sugarville escorting her. Though she and fire chief Gabriel Donovan generate enough sparks to burn down the town, he's a law-abiding, line-toeing straight arrow. So not her type.

But maybe—just maybe—he can change her mind about that.


Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2010 4.50