Brides of Serendipity

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Brides of Serendipity

The first story is about Dory and her family. Her father has gotten the gold fever moving her whole family to the land of honey, California. They never thought they would separate but when her mother becomes ill Dory knows it is up to her to make sure she gets well. Like other people in their bandwagon she doesn't want to see her mother die. Separated and alone in Ragtown she never expected to meet Harley Jacobs. Her mother always told her that love would come in an unexpected way. He is sweet, loving and gentle yet can Dory accept love when she must go to reunite her mother with her father.

Lena is tired of being sought after because she can be a good hostess to a banker. She wants someone to love her for who she is and not what she can bring. Henry Barnett says he doesn't need love but something about him makes Lena yearn for his touch. When she sets out to rescue him from bandits she didn't know he was the one rescuing her. Can she just let love go especially when it's to a stubborn man like Henry?

Rosy thought her life was over when her husband Sheriff Jake got shot. Then comes in the new sheriff and she is determined to make him see that she is no Southern Belle like she used to be. Yes she is alone, away from the ones that love her but Rosy is determined to make the new sheriff see that she has love and courage to continue in Ragtown.

These three women are determined to make a living in a town where there are weeds and not many people living nearby. Three women who are not your usual scared maidens waiting for heroes to rescue them. These stories show that they can do whatever they set their minds. You have Dory tending to her sick mother, Lena who will fight for a man against a band of marauders to reunite him with his long lost daughter and Rosy who will not take no from any man especially a sheriff. They all share one thing and that is they will not scare easily.

Great job to Sarah Richmond for creating a book where the heroines are the ones that are brave and courageous and for writing a book where the heroes are not the usual heroes.

Book Blurb for Brides of Serendipity

Three stories of courage as three women find love and purpose in a place called Ragtown.

Dory had promised her pa she would get her ma over the mountains and into California. And nothing, not even Harley Jacobs and his amazing kisses, was going to stop her.

Lena decided that Henry Barrett had a look about him that was satisfying. His eyes were the deep blue of a summer storm in a face that was weathered and scarred. His thick mustache showed a slight sprinkling of gray. His dark beard claimed the lower half of his face and needed trimming. He was a man, to Lena's way of thinking, who needed looking after.

Rosy thought Sheriff Kincaid was no gentleman. He was blunt and uncouth, and formed a first impression before she'd even had a chance to introduce herself. He thought she was too fragile a Southern flower. An impression she intended to prove wrong.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 4.00